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A new generation of iPhone SE or bounced reason for drunk – Sohu [news] Chinese digital mobile phone in March of this year, Apple launched 4 inches beyond all expectations of iPhone SE. The new machine is equipped with a A9 processor, rear 12 million pixel camera, built-in 2GB deposit, absolutely worthy of Apple’s strongest mobile phone in the name of 4 inches. Because of the strong enough, high cost, and logo blessing, the machine was considered by many people as a high-end Android phone disaster. IPhone SE did not want to, when we stand in the years when looking forward to a new generation of iPhone SE early next year, KGI securities analyst Guo Mingchi has brought a bad news. It said that Apple will not release a new generation of iPhone SE in March this year. Is it because it’s not popular? Seems not. Apple CEO Cook has made it clear that the demand for iPhone SE exceeded expectations. Guo Mingchi said that Apple’s move is to allow people to buy more high-end iPhone 7 series, in order to get more profits. It is a "scheming fruit", make people drunk. Say again, iPhone 7 series double big promotion, at this time not to enter, but also when?相关的主题文章: