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A person China Folk Poetry Prize, awarded the Nobel Prize winner in the evening of November 5th, the eleventh session of the international poetry and poetry award ceremony held in the small auditorium of Zhongshan University. The size of the hall, formerly known as the "Huai Shi Tang", the earliest is funded by the American history as the south of the Five Ridges school Huai Shi ambutonium built Christian Youth Hostel, this also happens to be the 100 anniversary of completion. Although this time is the best season in Guangzhou, but the poet Huang Lihai apparently to tour. "The ritual child activity is always to the last moment to strike", over the years, he has to manage a person and this award, to overcome all kinds of difficulties of financial and human resources, but there are many friends for their support, to adhere to the way now. In 1999, the issue of "poetry and founded in Guangzhou and the Huang Lihai spare time". In 2005, the magazine set up the "poetry and poets Award", in 2014 changed its name to "poetry and international poetry award". The only Huang Lihai himself as the only judge, the ten previous winners include Andrade, Peng Yanjiao, Zhang Shuguang, blue, Transtromer, Salomon, Liz sikaya years, Dong Dang, Dzaja Jef J Ki, Duff, Rita and other well-known poet xichuan. Friends in the eyes of 2014, Huang Lihai award to Poland poet Dzaja Jef J Ki is one of the most successful visit to China, his award not only inspired many poets and China, Huang Lihai and the contemporary world poetry also There remained but a single one. master poet established a good personal relationship. Now Huang Lihai privately chat with friends when Dzaja Jef J Ki called the old bar, "said mercy, kindness and wisdom of the" Old Norse "always wanted him to set up a fund to the folk awards continuously do. "Nandu week" so once said: "for Chinese poetry Huang Lihai do seem to have enough. He unites the Chinese contemporary poets on the most extensive level, some people may be opposite to each other, but does not hinder to become his friend, this is also called the spectacle in the noisy poetry scene. On a broader level, he has made the world’s best poets come to the scene of Chinese poetry." This year’s poetry award a total of two people, a British poet George Sill Taesh (George Szirtes), another is the 1992 winner of the Nobel prize for literature, Lucia poet Derek Wolcott (Derek Walcott). The awards ceremony, the 68 year old George Sill Taesh and his wife walked up the red carpet and from Huang Lihai hands to receive the Walcott trophy, because age has been high but not at the scene, from the distant Caribbean sent a sentence as a word of thanks, on receiving the award tribute. Huang Lihai and British poet George Sill Taesh George Sill Taesh’s works after the translation is less, so the domestic poetry circles are relatively unfamiliar; Walcott’s works currently has two of the published Chinese Translation: translation of Fu Hao "Derek Walcott poems" (Hebei Education Press, 2004) and a translation of "Egret" (Guangxi people’s publishing house, 2015). But as the George Sill Taesh winning supporting anthology also invited Huang lihai.相关的主题文章: