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Music Just a few short decades ago, the trend in in-home entertainment especially music was for big, substantial-looking stereo systems. In part, the size was down to the fact that these stereo units needed to be of such dimensions in order to be able to play records and cassette tapes. The trend towards miniaturisation started with the advent of .pact discs. Players for these could be incorporated into much smaller units, and at the same time, it also became possible to fit all the necessary .ponents into much more .pact speaker cabinets and so the midi hi-fi was born. Then, as cassettes became obsolete, the clever people responsible for designing our musical entertainment centres set themselves the task of going even smaller still. With the only opening needed on such units being that to ac.modate a .pact disc, a new generation of music systems which could deliver top-quality sounds and yet was even easily portable, was born. CDs brought us the first real pocket-sized audio systems, and suddenly, people could listen to their favourite music everywhere they went. Now the media on which music is stored has be.e even smaller or even non-existent in the case of MP3 and MP4 players and so the parameters for the size of a home hi-fi system have been .pletely redrawn. And while the space-saving qualities of many of the new generation devices are to be wel.ed, there is still demand for some which don’t put economy of space at the top of their priority list. For example, many older music lovers find the controls of the latest generation of micro sound systems too fiddly, and prefer the reassurance of having at least the basic controls made larger and more prominent. A retailer whose customers are of all age groups, and not all of whom necessarily want their sounds to .e from a tiny unit placed out of the way in the corner of a room, will understand this, and offer a selection of systems which can be worked easily by all customers. Yet, as is often proved, no matter what the size of a music system, this is no gauge of its quality. A long-established retailer will therefore select the items it stocks based on the reputation of individual manufacturers, and these days, names such as Roberts, Sony, Panasonic and Pure are ones which leading reviewers hold in high regard, and which therefore will be found among the stocks of the most trusted sellers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: