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A woman without a uterus will quickly grow old, affect sexual life 3edyy


A woman without a uterus: will quickly grow old, affect sexual life? (Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Peking Union Medical College Hospital chief physician Tan Xianjie) is a female uterine body for children offspring living temporarily palace, hidden in the lower abdomen of a female pelvic central protected pelvis. It is the place of human fetal development, is the birthplace of female menstruation. However, some women because of uterine fibroids and other gynecological diseases require a hysterectomy, their influence on the operation brings to them full of worries. Will it be faster to get rid of the uterus, and whether women will soon become old after hysterectomy, depending on whether the ovaries are removed at the time of hysterectomy. Aging is a complex process involving multiple organs. The uterus is only one of the genital tract organs, the boss is the ovary, when the decline in ovarian function, women will enter menopause, menstruation will stop. Therefore, for women with normal ovarian function, if the removal of the uterus without the removal of the ovaries (either on one side or both sides of the ovary), usually does not accelerate the arrival of menopause. In addition to no longer postoperative menstruation, ovarian as preoperative hormone secretion and the role of the vulva, vagina, breast and other organs, it will not be breast atrophy, vaginal dryness and hot flushes, sweating, irritability and other symptoms. However, if you do not allow the removal of the uterus to retain the ovary, it will soon appear menopausal symptoms. At this time can be under the guidance of the endocrine endocrine doctor appropriate hormone replacement therapy, relieve symptoms and prevent osteoporosis. Removal of the uterus will not become a man? Outpatient occasionally asked if patients care-laden, her uterus was removed from uterine fibroids or other diseases, will become a low pitched voice, long beard and Adam’s apple, and even become a man? The answer is no! The difference between men and women is mainly female and male gonad is ovary testis different roles, and the uterus and there is no direct relationship. Human sex depends on the Y chromosome in the sex cell. Embryos containing the Y chromosome differentiate into testes at about 7 weeks. This step is the key! Because spermary appeared, can secrete androgen; androgen determine both the inside and outside to male reproductive differentiation, and can not develop into a female internal genitalia induced the hypothalamus to male, differentiation, continue to secrete hormones. At this point, estrogen is slightly inferior. Because of the development of female internal and external genital organs, do not need the role of estrogen, as long as there is no androgen, regardless of whether there are ovaries and estrogen, they are automatically differentiated into women. However, if the removal of the uterus and bilateral ovarian resection at the same time, because of the lack of estrogen, it will appear as hot flushes, sweating, irritability, palpitations, and breast atrophy, vaginal dryness and other symptoms of menopause. This situation may be appropriate to give in gynecological endocrine hormone replacement therapy under the guidance of a doctor, which is supplemented by the lowest effective dose of exogenous estrogen to effectively improve the symptoms, and prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis disease in the future. Removal of the uterus will not affect sexual life? Generally speaking, women need to have vaginal and normal male sexual behavior in general sense, the female orgasm can be obtained through the vagina and clitoris two. When a woman underwent hysterectomy相关的主题文章: