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About 100 thousand of the SUV with panoramic sunroof, who is the king of cost-effective – Sohu car nibbuns


About 100 thousand of the SUV with panoramic sunroof, who is the king of cost-effective? Sohu – car panoramic sunroof is good stuff, the car is not stuck up at night bright, sister to see the stars, met a beautiful scenery place, woman also leaned out to sing a fly what… The car of the joint venture to buy a panoramic sunroof no fifteen sixty thousand don’t think about it, but we are compact SUV in this configuration, to really a lot, especially the price a lot cheaper than the car of the joint venture. Bea Di Song price: 89 thousand and 900 -14.99 million market price concessions: national reference 10 thousand – 30 thousand: 76 thousand and 900: -26.88 million BYD song is a rare no traces of imitation models in the BYD cars, and the overall appearance is also very sweet love, the 2017 models also make the overall price interval decreased in Song dynasty. Song is the dynasty series to do the best look at a car, the car seems to be more coordinated, not like Tang that bloated. Full 1.5T or 2.0T turbocharged engine, the power does not worry, BYD’s own dual clutch transmission has undergone continuous improvement, reliability or a lot of good. Magic speed S6 manufacturers guide price: 79 thousand and 800 -11.68 million market discount: 200 -1.20 million national reference price: 69 thousand and 800 -11.02 million in the city of SUV, this piece of the Red Sea is becoming more and more crowded in the background, Beiqi magic speed launched a new compact SUV- magic speed S6, which is following the magic speed S2, magic speed S3 third SUV, as a relatively young independent brand, Beiqi magic speed SUV remarkable for the degree of attention. As a newly born city of SUV, Beiqi magic speed S6 no short board in the design, configuration and power, and the configuration as the core is the most prominent competitive advantage. Although the performance is relatively good, but this does not make the price becomes high, on the contrary with their own characteristics to form a very good price. The Taidamai X5 guidance price: 69 thousand and 900 -12.39 million market discount: 4 thousand -0.62 million national reference price: 63 thousand and 900 -12.39 million as the Thai people’s sub brands, big step is natural not avoid imitation routine, in X5 we can find more or less is part of the shadow of some god in the car. Take X5 at the same level of competitive advantage of the entry price is low, but also provides high-tech configuration such as remote APP, wireless charging and other fashionable young people’s love with models. In addition, in terms of space, the 7 models are also a lot of extra points. The latest "volume price" type change, which shows the great Michael products to enhance the force of the determination and sincerity. Beiqi Wei Wang S50 guidance price: 79 thousand and 800 -12.08 million market discount: 1 thousand and 500 -1.50 million national market price: 73 thousand and 800 -11.08 million winwon S50 is actually a Saab X65 for the standard model, the same group resource sharing approach is already It is quite common for)相关的主题文章: