AC Milan new overlord gun turned out unexpectedly thigh in someone else’s house stands-pretty rhythm


AC Milan new overlord gun turned out unexpectedly thigh in someone’s home bleachers sports reporter Peng Lei reported "17 + 15" Saab nullah, pull pull, 61 "Pardew Suso, 67 ‘and 77’ Costa (oolong) pull pull Pardew was at the last minute Milan international scored 2 to 2 equaliser, AC Milan Derby lost 3 branch. But after the 13 round or 26 points expressed surprise, it is worth mentioning that, since the three point AC Milan ninth times before the 13 round with a score of at least 26, 8 times before the final at the end of the season, the people of Milan are ranked in the top three in Serie A, a good sign? When Berlusconi began to say, even if the club can not complete the sale to the Chinese consortium, I will continue to stay, to retain my Milan." To tell the truth, so small cost after the transfer, Milan have such achievements, Benitez to "interest", if it reached the Champions League…… The fourteenth round face Empoli, AC Milan also suffered a number of injuries, the team’s top striker Baca, thigh injury was not in the squad, Lapadula start playing center. The Union state needs to be adjusted, John Ventura in the top position on the left wing. The midfielder is "shake", Pasa Ricci and Fernandes the two summer signings are the starting lineup, assisted Locatelli. Then the defense on Paletta the injured, Gustavo · Gomes partner returned Rome gnoli. In short, compared with the derby, Montella’s first 11 people to replace the 4 people, and very young, the average age of less than 24 years old, the local players are up to more than 7 people, is really in line with the old local youth strategy. But after the start of the game the home team Milan some panic, momentum very quickly. Third minutes, Milan backcourt turnovers, MacCarone mianduikongmen shot was deflected, Milan escaped. Milan seventh minutes old Thabo shot back inside the box to get rid of Nara and is a threat. Tenth minutes macarone counterattack also wipe out of column header. After three rounds of the league, AC Milan was shot 52 foot, just above the relegation zone of the 59 and 70 Crotone Empoli, Montella’s team in the backcourt is still weak. And less than 10 minutes, Fernandes was injured as well, Kurtz cards go into battle. But Milan is more "horoscope", after all fifteenth minutes of one of the most simple ball back, Suso bottom spot near the Lapadula cross, easy to break, 1 to 0. After the three Milan No. 9 (Torres, Destro and Adriano) are the first goal for empoli. But Lapadula is the second goal for Milan, the last time away from the game to beat Palermo than 1, he scored the winning goal. But seventeenth minutes on Empoli equalised donnaruma attack ball turnovers, Saab nullah closed top play Kongmen succeeded, 1 more than 1. Milan young midfielder Locatelli game for the insane, frequent mistakes, Milan has always been very dangerous to fight back to empoli. A corner thirty-third minutes in Milan to the restricted area arc, the ball shot Suso, the ball went straight to the door on the left corner, but Empoli goalkeeper West Lupski flapping is more beautiful. No.相关的主题文章: