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Travel-and-Leisure Tourism is the back-bone of economy in Tuscany. For ages, the renaissance art has been preserved carefully. It is not only art, but the landscape, castles, national parks are all attractions in Tuscany. While in Tuscany, it is mandatory to visit a vineyard and a castle at a minimum to get the feel of the old age Tuscany. Tuscany is a tourist destination and hence stay in Tuscany is very much managed with utmost care by the local people here. Hence staying in Tuscany is never a problem for any tourist, whatever your budget is. Following are some options you can choose from, while visiting Tuscany. 1. Farmhouse in Tuscany- if you intend to spend two weeks or more in Tuscany, then staying at a farmhouse in Tuscany and living the way the locals live, would be an enriching experience. Many farmhouses offer visitors an opportunity to lend a hand in the working of the farmhouse or the kitchen, along with arranging activities like horseback riding, mountain biking etc to keep the tourists engaged. There are several vineyard owners who converted their old farmhouses into farmhouse rentals where visitors may stay with all .forts. They even arrange the tour of the vineyard as well as the winery to give an experience of the preparation of some of the finest wines in the world. You also get an opportunity to taste these wines. 2. Bed and breakfast small private houses arrange bed and breakfast for tourists for a reasonable price. It is a suitable option for tourists who keep moving from a place to another. It is economical, the rooms are clean and all the necessary facilities are available in the rooms and you get a simple breakfast in the morning. 3. Hotels- if you plan to stay for only a few days and your trip is limited to a particular area, staying at a hotel is the best option you have. Though hotels charge more than bed and breakfast joints, they are usually situated in the center of the city and most of the tourist destinations are near. Staying at a hotel thus would save you time and money on travel. 4. Cortona rental – Renting an apartment would be beneficial if you intend to stay at one place for quite some time. The apartments are usually fully furnished with all modern necessities. A walk down the lane would get you supplies and you can prepare food on your own. This would be.e a home away from home for people who prefer the coziness of a home even when on vacation. Ac.modation has never been a problem for any tourist who has been to Tuscany. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: