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After drinking mineral water bottles, can be used repeatedly? Sohu health in daily life, many people who have a sense of saving habits will drink mineral water bottles or beverage bottles, the next time to go to work, go to school or go on a trip to fill the water and then drink. However, in recent years, with the popularization of health knowledge, health risks of mineral water bottle has been repeatedly criticized, including "mineral water bottle recycling carcinogenic" argument is to raise a Babel of criticism of biography. Health and environmental protection has been recycling, how to become carcinogenic habits? Repeated use of mineral water bottles, really so terrible? If you have such concerns, take a look at this article. Repeated use of mineral water bottles, carcinogenic risk? Fake! That said, mineral water bottle or a beverage bottle bottle marked with the words "PET" and "1" means that the bottles containing polyethylene terephthalate (PET), repeated use will release carcinogens two ethylhexyl adipate (DEHA). But in fact, the plastic bottle at the bottom of the digital logo, is the American Association of plastics industry in order to facilitate the recycling of plastic products, and the development of plastic species identification code. Figure 1 shows that it is made of poly (ethylene terephthalate) material, especially for mineral water bottles, carbonated beverage bottles and other plastic bottles. New South Wales Cancer Society of Australia pointed out that although some plastics will contain two ethyl ester of adipic acid, but the repeated use of mineral water bottles will not necessarily precipitate the material. WHO and the International Cancer Research Center (IARC) clearly pointed out that there is not enough evidence to prove two ethylhexyl adipate can induce cancer. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also said that two ethyl ester of adipic acid has no carcinogenic risk and other health damage. However, it is not recommended to use mineral water bottles because of repeated use of mineral water bottles for a long time, there is no visible bacteria contamination. In 2007, a study published an article in the "Journal of practical gastroenterology on pointed out that mineral water producers do not recommend consumers to re-use mineral water bottles. They believe that repeated use, regular cleaning of mineral water bottles may wear and cracking. These tiny cracks will become a paradise for bacteria and contaminate drinking water. After drinking, will be sick. Another Canadian University of Calgary of 76 water samples were analyzed after the survey found that in repeated use without cleaning the plastic bottle, nearly 23 of the bacteria in the water samples exceeded the standard of drinking water. Although the researchers did not identify the source of bacteria is exact, but they speculate that these bacteria are likely to be Escherichia coli, usually on the toilet did not wash hands clean, dirty hands to touch the bottle cap and bottle. The main symptoms of E. coli infection is diarrhea, severe dehydration can occur and blood pressure drop, serious and even life-threatening. Finally, Chun Yujun believes that the repeated use of mineral water bottles to drink water, although the consequences are not as serious as the legend, but it is also harmful to health. After drinking the mineral water do not want to throw away, put the recyclable garbage e相关的主题文章: