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Aftershocks, night shift to the seaside high adventure aftershocks, night shift to the beach slope Su said that friends have all went to the outside of the hotel room. A brief panic, the group quickly gather together to encourage each other not to panic. Through a preliminary view, they found that the area of the house has a loss of internal furniture, but no loss of basic housing, but there are a lot of cracks on the beach beach. Mr. Su and others feel particularly profound is that after the aftershocks in particular, the first time a very frequent, every time the feeling is shaking very badly. The town is facing the ocean, "the earthquake felt so strong, it will not cause a tsunami oh?" The group immediately issued a warning". So, friends with short deliberation, decided to immediately evacuate nearby slopes. The owner of the hotel soon drove his car and called for a safe haven. Arrive at the slope, Mr. Su and others saw town local residents are being evacuated to here, generally in order, all the cars parked in the open space on the plateau. Because it is located in the southern hemisphere, the season is late spring and early summer, daytime temperature is more than and 10 degrees Celsius, OK, but at night especially cold, wear very thick down jacket. He said, just when the evacuation to a high slope and very cold, and constant aftershocks, everyone was afraid for a moment, have been watching the sea movement distance. Soon, the hotel boss found some bedding to give you warm. After the earthquake, the town had been interrupted. When everyone is evacuated to high position, it appears the weak signals of communication. Trapped college friends of the mobile phone has received many domestic relatives and friends of the concern inquiry, Mr. Su is also the first time for family and friends at peace. That night, the tourists were arranged in the car to sleep a night. But Mr. Su said that many people are basically not asleep. The second day at dawn, a lot of local residents to the town, they were trapped in the Su tourists brought food, umbrellas and other materials, as well as residents invited to go home for dinner, which makes Mr. Su and his family are very moved, feel that their local residents experienced the earthquake, but also so eager to help them. Are really friendly.相关的主题文章: