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All games slimming listed three new board or difficult to decline ekdv-273


All games slimming listed three new board or difficult to pull the downturn Guo Mengyi in 2015 delisting also unsure whether to China stock market for all games, even lift quickly VIE structure in a year later, at the signing of the gambling agreement may not be completed to seek listing. San San – August 31st news, Shanghai game technology development Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as everyone game) released a public transfer instructions, which will be officially listed on the new board or listed signal. In the industry view, because the existing game life cycles, the old game business decline significantly and the new game business there, making the company earnings decline, funds needed blood transfusion. However, the three new board listed all the game, if the future is difficult to have a good explosive product, seems to be still difficult to restore the decline. Signed an agreement on gambling for the new board listed according to the transfer book, November 21, 2015, all CEO games he Chuan led the game business team to sign "on the purchase of" Renren Inc. "game plate frame agreement", the main contents of the agreement: He Chuan game team through the establishment of the holding platform, the introduction of outside investors to increase 120 million yuan to all games the completion of the acquisition. According to the transfer of the book, the added value of the game for everyone to 348 million yuan. From the company’s public transfer instructions can be seen, everyone in the game in February 26th after the release of the VIE framework directly listed program, can be described as quickly. In order to combine the demolition of VIE structure arrangement, company introduced Guangdong trillion capital, Hengqin youth nine investors of all game 118 million yuan of capital, and capital, and Guangdong Zhao signed a "youth Hengqin performance commitments and compensation clause", namely the agreement on gambling. All games promise to the two shareholders, the year 2015 the company achieved a net profit of not less than 20 million yuan, the year 2016 the company achieved a net profit of not less than 26 million yuan, and the 2016 annual operating income grew by less than 30%. If the company’s net profit does not meet the above performance indicators, the company to make compensation to investors in cash. In fact, everyone’s performance is not satisfactory, from the financial data released in recent years can be seen, the company’s revenue decline trend is obvious. Data show that the total revenue of all games in 2014 was 207 million yuan, but in 2015 revenue fell by 48.26%, only $107 million. 2016 1~4 months, the company revenues of 24 million 361 thousand and 900 yuan. Net profit, the company in 2015 was 26 million 260 thousand and 400 yuan, an increase of 15.6%. Data show that from January to April, that is, 1/3 months of the year in 2016, the game revenue was $24 million 360 thousand. The company’s commitment to revenue of 140 million yuan, currently only completed about 17%, net profit of $6 million 437 thousand, only to achieve a net profit of $26 million of the commitment of $25%. This means that all games only in the two period from May to August, September to December, revenue and net profit growth ring, can be achieved on 2016相关的主题文章: