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All the people witnessed will take Park Shin Hye to join Cui Minzhi. www.9999mp.com


"All the people witnessed" will take Cui Minzhi Park Shin Hye to join Sina Korean entertainment news by the screenwriter, the famous producer Xiao Kai featuring producer, CO produced, Dianguangzhuanmei wake media pictures, Yinrun media and other institutions, and by Honglei Sun [micro-blog], Aaron Kwok, Yu Nan, Deng Jiajia [micro-blog] [micro-blog] starred in the 2013 movie "all the people witnessed" will take the Korean version, called "silent witness". Cui Minzhi will play the role of Honglei Sun in the original film, Park Shin Hye [micro-blog] as the daughter of Lawyer Liu Junlie’s role is not original, become a key figure in the case, but in korean. "Silent witness" will be directed by the "silver Jiao" "4" and other films of South Korea’s famous director Zheng Zhiyu in charge of shooting. South Korean film production company Yong Film for production, after the company had Moho and Film CO produced the new director Park Chan wook "miss". It is reported that silent witnesses will be the second half of this year, and is expected to meet with South Korean audiences next year. The movie "universal witnessed" released in September 13, 2013, known as the mainland’s first commercial court Chinese genrefilm, perfect with 180 million at the box office in the domestic release ending. In September 2013 of last week’s box office list, become a domestic single week box office crown at the same time, beyond the "bliss space", "the great Gatsby" and the introduction of film. The film tells the story of the rich linte (Honglei Sun ornaments) the wedding is approaching, the bride has died underground parking lot, Lin Tai two rich generation daughter Lin Mengmeng (Deng Jiajia ornaments) to become the biggest suspects, Lin Tai spared no expense to hire domestic top lawyer Zhou Li (Yu Nan ornaments) as the only female defense, and the prosecution is more than and 10 years after the forest Tai Tong Tao (Aaron Kwok ornaments). With the court questioning deeply, the truth is more and more whirling crime. The film from the angle of the story, the plot whirling, interlocking plot, ending the whole work firmly beyond all expectations, will attract the audience in front of the screen. More commendable is that the film in the fascinating suspense in organic integration copy from rolia family, insight into human emotions in a sob story in the spiritual level, transfer in a nice story to a warm positive energy, touching. "All the people" has won awards including the Central Propaganda Department witnessed the "five project" award, the golden rooster prize award, best actress award more weight, won a lot of praise, the overseas market in the award-winning, as the international Chinese Film Festival, the London International Chinese Film Festival won: best actor, best original screenplay, best director, best original music award four, Honglei Sun with the film’s performance won the Korean Bell Award for Best Actor Award "overseas unit". According to Victor media company executives said, "all the people witnessed 2" is also active in the preparation of the script. (commissioning editor: litchi)相关的主题文章: