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Although the Spurs win but Gasol Duncan exposed weakness is difficult to fill a vacancy [Ginobili] assists precision guided A De easy layup Tencent sports news in October 9th this morning for a preseason NBA, home court the Spurs to the 102 than 91 defeated Atlanta hawks. Spurs in the first preseason game, the Spurs several major players have not appeared on the stage, and today, they sent the full lineup. At Duncan and Parke de Nandi double role are doing well, Leonard and Aldridge teamed up to get 28 points, Parke also got 15 points. But the summer season has just joined spurs of Paul Gasol in general, he finished the game only got 5 points and 2 rebounds and 3 assists and 1 steals, 4 shots in 1, 3 free throws in 3, is still not fully into the state. The offense can be understood, after all, a new team needs time to integrate, and Paul – Gasol’s ability to doubt. This can be seen from the 3 assists in his contribution today, even if there is no feeling, Gasol is still a very good high and the basket support point. But after Duncan retired, the burden on the shoulders of Paul – Gasol is very heavy, he really worried about the game today, is another question. In today’s game, the Hawks center Tavares scored 6 points with 7 rebounds and 2 assists, 1 blocks, including 2 offensive rebounds. The big striker muscara got 9 points and 5 rebounds, 4 assists and 1 steals, including 1 rebounds. The game although total rebounds than the Spurs, but grabbed 9 rebounds, two times more than the spurs. This is a little embarrassing for Gasol, although when he joined the Spurs once said, he is very difficult to play the Duncan defender role, but the Spurs on the pitch today once struggling reason, Gasol is in the interior defense against. More critical is that, although Aldridge has a good rebound data, but he is also a floating outside players, rather than inside the zhanzhuang defender, in the inside of the protective frame provides ability is also not good. The inside combination of this, today met Tavares muscara and the eagle like this, if the field is the main players Dwight – Howard and Millsap, I am afraid it is too horrible to look at. Popovich is believed to have been taking into account the original recruitment of this point, and in the next preseason and training, the defense will be the main problem in the Spurs to solve the problem of the next season, and in the next quarter of the year, the team will be able to recruit Gasol. Duncan retired, Ma Yang left Norwich, rough diamond technology, to find a temporary protector basket is not realistic. But don’t forget, Spurs are good at team basketball, Gasol is a very good team player. Perhaps when the two sides are familiar with each other, the weakness of the basket defense will be made up. (Dudu) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章: