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Sports-and-Recreation Cross country skiing can be traced back to some of the earliest times in history. People in countries such as Scandinavia, where the winters were harsh, had to attach wood boards to their feet and poles to their hands with straps in order to travel through the snow. Also, armies have used it to navigate through snow. However, nowadays there is much more cross country skiing gear utilized. Skis Cross country skis, as opposed to regular skis, are far longer and slender. This assists with weight distribution and allows the skier to slide faster. As opposed to wooden skis of the past, the ones today are more lightweight and durable. Poles Poles play a more critical role in cross country skiing, perhaps even more than regular skiing. Some of the poles are made out of aluminum and graphite, materials that are very strong and lightweight. For greater pace and reach, poles for cross country skiing, as opposed to traditional poles, are longer in length. Wax Because cross country skiing involves a great deal of gliding, wax is that much more essential, though it can be used for any model of snowboards and skis. The conditions that you will be going through will determine how much and which type of wax that will be used. Glide wax and kick wax are just a few examples of wax you can use. Some skis now don’t require the application of wax. The surface already is made up of a material that allows you to glide across the snow at a greater pace than before. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: