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Angel falls on the earth, say is not treasure fall fall injury?! Sohu mother and daughter angel fall into the world, that is not a treasure fall or injury?! The movie angel falls into the world, Cupid’s tone, called a Xian Qi and Q, the scene if the copy to the reality, uh, in our pediatrician’s eyes, is the treasure of accidental injury most commonly occurring types, namely fall, serious and even life-threatening! (see, what is a second destroy small fresh) fall for it, is really a little moral principle are not, what can happen, just pick a few key small talk, indoor balcony, windows, tables, stools, beds; outdoor: hiking, children’s playground, sports venues that is not a bit less anti anti tune? Time of first aid, the south is actually very complex, as a pediatrician, it is necessary to tell the parents, as a mom, want first aid less chance to debut. Well, still look at it, not prepared against want? Treasure the unconscious or not awake, accompanied by vomiting, ear and nose bleeding sap, very likely a serious head injury, this is the most dangerous, life-threatening, 120! 120! 120! "It’s clear, but it’s bleeding……" Town point, look for clean gauze, towels, compression hemostasis. If you can not move the limbs weakness, spine, cervical injury is often suspected of gray…… Quick dial 120, not impulse to move the treasure. Po limb swelling deformation? Nine out of ten is fracture, cardboard, wood, bark…… What is the use of what material does not matter, can be fixed on the treasure line, and then go to the hospital. Not visible to the naked eye, such as falls after injury, liver and spleen injury in abdominal cavity, the treasure will have pain; intestines after injury, in addition to pain, there will be vomiting situation. Swollen what do you do? The key observation treasure little head, uninterrupted observation of a few days, once the treasure of drowsiness, weakness in the limbs, crying or headache, not exactly the same, the hospital to go up. With these, and to every XX said time is little misunderstanding, most worried about: who says the pain, unable to walk is the fracture?! When you fall somewhere in the body, but also swollen like just out of the pot Steamed Buns, too, this is no ordinary people are hurt, hurt PLUS, also is a fracture. In medicine, the severity of fracture is much greater than the sprain, once missed the best treatment period, the fracture is very angry, the consequences are very serious. Who let the treasure rub pain at?! Your eyes hurt Bao Baba Mama rub sore distressed = = = habits can relieve the pain, the doctor’s eyes rub sore wound treasure = increase the amount of bleeding because of injuries (local depths are bleeding, a rub rub, good hemostasis? Increase the amount of bleeding) = cause the disease (if the injury is more serious or fracture). Especially not rub the head of the swelling, ah, Bao head fell swollen, hurriedly rubbed…… Stop! The head of the treasure is actually under the scalp swelling, bleeding, pressing, rubbing or external medicine what, will only aggravate the injury;.相关的主题文章: