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Writing-and-Speaking Drew Fraser, Joshua Smith, Bentley OKane-Chase and Jordan Gardiner are the team behind Project Budget Drew originally conceived the idea many years ago when his money management system failed to adequately failed to adequately save the right amount of money to cover all his bills ahead of time. With the help of Josh and his iOnline Interactive Imagineering team have taken Drews basic concept and turned it into a reality. Drew said When you get paid, you want to be certain you only spend what you can without breaking the bank. And when you get a bill, you want to know you can afford it Now Project Budget will not only allow you to create a managed budget for your day in and day out finances, it will help you organise your in.e and expenses. When the weekend .es around, you’ll know exactly how much you can spend without putting a hole in your financial health. Joshua Smith said ‘Project Budget’ has been designed to be the perfect tool for the 40hr a week office worker, the single mum on welfare or the shift worker. In fact anyone with a regular paycheck will benefit from Project Budget. Drew adds And it doesnt matter if you get paid weekly, 2 weekly or monthly, Project Budget will help you put aside money each week to pay all your bills Imagine that feeling of relief when you receive that dreaded bill, see the amount owing, check your account via ‘Project Budget’ and know that you can pay it right there, on the spot! Use ‘Project Budget’ to manage your bills, daily living expenses and your savings goals with an ultra user friendly interface that automatically harnesses powerful in-built calculations that tell you what to set aside, what to save and what to spend. The features included in ‘Project Budget’ allow for easy set up and simple maintenance of your desired budget using an effortless system without the need for a calculator or a separate notepad and pen. Thats right! Project Budget works everything out for you! You dont need to be a budgeting whiz kid to whip your finances into shape. How .forting is it to know that you are putting enough aside to handle all your bills and saving goals while, at the same time knowing how much you can safely spend. Drew Fraser said; We looked at all the apps in the iTunes store and what we found was that none of the available apps, including the top app, did what Project App can do. Basically the other apps just track your spending. Project Budget is actually a money management tool right there in the palm of your hand. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: