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Apple notebook will welcome the biggest update for 4 years, or to save the market – key technology Sohu Sohu of science and technology Lv Linxuan usually as a conference supporting even quietly updated in the official website of apple notebook in this year to enjoy unprecedented benefits, tonight Apple will hold a conference of fourth this year, Macbook Pro has finally been "righting" when the a return to the absolute protagonist. This year is the Macbook Pro notebook update, the continuation of the appearance of nearly 5 years, perhaps there will be an important adjustment, waiting for a long time to update the upcoming version of the big. Sohu technology tomorrow morning (28 May) at the same time will offer you a video conference video broadcast, please pay attention to. A large version of the update or is not for a few years ago with the popular iPhone, apple jump up speed is astounding. And Apple’s laptops share the bonus. According to data provided by the Research Institute of energy company (Gartner), in the past 3 years, only apple growing year after year, other large PC manufacturers shipments have fallen. Last year PC shipments compared to 2014 decreased by 8%, apple is contrarian rose 6%, a full range of sales of about 20 million units. But this year apple Macbook in good times don’t last long, the market share of almost every quarter in the first quarter of 2016 fell, Mac notebook computer shipments and the fourth quarter of 2015, compared to even fell 40%. Just the end of the third quarter data is not optimistic, according to market research firm IDC and Gartner data show that Apple’s PC shipments in the third quarter of the total of 5 million 10 thousand units, compared with the same period last year, a decrease of 13% units of 5 million 760 thousand. The biggest competitors have emerged, Microsoft’s latest earnings report shows that Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book cumulative sales growth of up to 38%. More coincidentally, Microsoft released a new generation of Surface products last night as a growth point of the Mac computer seems to have become part of the drag. Consumers wait and see, personal needs is difficult to upgrade, apple urgently need new products as a market point of stimulation, and brewing for a long time, the new design of the Macbook Pro has become the most important weapon in this stage of apple. Coupled with the upcoming Christmas holidays abroad, apple on this timetable for the Mac held a special meeting it seems appropriate. What’s new? If not surprisingly, today’s apple conference will have at least Macbook Pro 13 inches and 15.6 inches version and Macbook Air version of the update to 13 inches, and focus on new products are concentrated in the Macbook Pro. At present, about the new update mostly has been exposed, but this suicide bomber is apple. Last night, apple pushed the MacOS Sierra 10.12.1, and in this new version of the system introduced in the screenshot of Apple’s own exposure to the upcoming release of the new version of MacBook Pro. The update points are as follows: &mi.相关的主题文章: