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The asteroid sampling probe successfully launched 7 year journey with space samples back to earth from the astronomical restaurant (WeChat public number: astrorant) author: brother NASA (NASA) the first asteroid sample detector OSIRIS-REx Beijing time this morning the successful launch on 7 years of round-trip journey. What is the name of the detector that is strange? The successful launch of the OSIRIS-REx moment (source: NASATV May 25, 2011, NASA broadcast screenshot) announced that it will launch a spacecraft to carry out asteroid sample return mission. This task is called the Origins Spectral Interpretation Resource Identification Security Regolith Explorer (OSIRIS-REx), which literally means "the origin, definition, spectrum resource identification, safety and weathering layer identification detector", which cost about $800 million. This is the NASA "Xinjiang plan" third tasks, the first two are "New Horizons" and "Juno", the former has achieved great success, which has just successfully arrived at Jupiter’s work. In the assembly workshop of OSIRIS-REx (source: NASA s Goddard Space flight Center ") this long name results just together a mnemonic abbreviation. OSIRIS is the most important nine gods of Egypt (Great Ennead) of Osiris, he was an enlightened king, after death and death is defined to dominate the magistrate, or resurrection, rainfall and plant God, so it is also called "the God of fertility". Although he is the God of the underworld, but he is not the God of darkness, on the contrary, he symbolizes the Egyptians believe in the eternal glory after death can be the God of hope. Asteroids are thought to be the "building materials" for the formation of large planets. They contain water, organic matter, metals and other natural resources, life may come from the asteroid, and the future of human space exploration and economic development also depends on these materials on the asteroid. So to say to the name Osiris is right. But let’s look at the scientific name of the detector and see what it does. The ancient Egyptian god Osiris (source: www.allesoveregypte.nl) Origins: origin of a carbon rich asteroid Bennu (Benu) were sampled and returned to earth for analysis. Interpretation of the Spectral Interpretation spectrum: complementary telescope observations provide direct observational data for the complete asteroid component analysis. Identification of Resource Identification resources: mapping the chemical composition and mineral distribution of asteroids. Security security: in)相关的主题文章: