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Advertising Projected Augmented Reality Marco Tempest launches revolutionary new performance technology. Imagine having a magic mirror that could give you and your clients the ability to pass into any environment real or fictional, at any time in the present past or future. Suppose you could pass this mirror over any object and immediately see what is inside? Or draw on the mirror with just your finger tip, and have your drawing (chart, graphwhatever) immediately spring to life. What wonders could you perform with such a magical technology? How would it affect your next major sales meeting, product launch or general session meeting? These are just the questions Marco Tempest asked himself and then set out to answer. The answer he created is Projected Augmented Reality. After an intensive four months of development, Marco Tempest recently previewed his first Augmented Reality Projection system via viral video released on Youtube and elsewhere. The system allows interactive projected images to appear on handheld and other moving surfaces. Marco demonstrated the system on a Tokyo street corner, performing magic with it for those passing by. The release generated even more buzz in tech industry blogs and publications that even Tempests release of his Augmented Reality Card trick earlier this year. Gizmodo .mented: Magicians seem to have fallen out of favour in recent years, but Marco Tempest, the Virtual Magician has something going that could change all of that: augmented reality. Tempests Magic Projection system utilises a laptop, a small projector, a PS3 Eye Toy, LED tracking markers and, of course, his bad arse proprietary software. As you will see in the video, the effect is pretty spectacular. See the Augmented Reality Projection yourself by clicking the link at the right. The system is perfect for demonstrating what is going on inside a product without having to take the product apart. It can also be used, for example, in a fashion show, to show what a particular outfit a model is wearing might look like in a different color, or accessorized differently. I can be used like an X-Ray or MRI to show what is happening inside someones body. Of course, there are some very interesting magical effects that Marco can perform with the technology, as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: