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Wine-Spirits Are you in possession of a wine bottle that bears the crest of a distinguished Australian wine club? If yes, then you are really lucky to have a superior wine quality amidst your collection. Australian wine clubs are one of the most illustrious and reputable clubs in the world. Only superior and top quality wines are really allowed to bear the Australian crest. Although wine drinking is a relatively new concept in the continent, the great bloom of wine industry is the actual reason behind this pleasant change. European settlers in Australia have been a major influence for introducing wine drinking habits with choicest food and .pany. Many Australian citizen who became incessant wine drinkers, started purchasing wine crates and forming their very own wine clubs. The Australian Wine Consumers Co-operative Society Limited is the first wine club formed in 1950s and is presently having more than 50,000 members. Many Australian wine clubs have materialized in the past years. And consequently these clubs have been experimenting and producing their own unique wineries and quality wines. As of today, there are around 12 wine clubs all over Australia that are fully functional as a professional wine club. Some of the most reputable Australian wine clubs are The Wine Cellar, Cellarmasters, Farmer Brothers, National Wine Direct, Qantas Wine Club, etc. Among them, the Cellarmasters is considered as the top of the cream wine club with more than 400, 000 members and with a stupendous wine sale record every year. Most of the people who join wine clubs are wine lovers, who love to taste superior quality wines and different varieties. Many wine club members care for the expert opinion of professional wine specialists, and to get to taste the best of Australian wines. Australia has many wine growing regions that offer excellent wines, and you could also find a good wine club that caters to your taste buds. Salient Features of Australian Wine Clubs: After you be.e a prominent member of any Australian wine club, you really get to enjoy various wine related themes. And some of the most distinguished wine clubs often send a wine case to each of the member, every 2 to 3 months. These cases contain 12 wine bottles, which are of a mixed variety or being supplied from a particular winery. One of the most important features of Australian wine club is that they offer money back guarantee, in case you are dissatisfied with the wines or if the wine bottles are in a damaged condition. You can either refund your money or replace with fresh wine case. Be.ing a member of a top Australian wine club is a status symbol for many people. It is a matter of great pride and acknowledgement to be included in one of the A grade Australian wine clubs. Many corporate .panies are offering Australian wine club memberships as a favorable bait to attract and retain customers. I guess these above mentioned points are good enough for a person to join a prestigious Australian wine club and enjoy many exotic wine brands. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: