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Autumn regret City gold and silver oil fell, ending the battle for lead line boee


Autumn regret City: gold and silver oil tumbled on line ending battle for Sina led fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Continue to moderate the modified golden day Tuesday morning, finished 1326 line, but the intensity and continuity is weak, the plate stage, down from the 1323 Line Road, refresh since June 29th lows below 1309 support temporarily stabilized. After the film last week, gold bulls continued weak performance. At present, the market sentiment is strong. After yesterday fell, gold most ready to chase empty, or bearish or overhead. Being not comment. Today on the line ending after midnight Tuesday, 1309 days to the gold line, the primary task of dropping the strength of the attention. Last month, on line ending, the formation of a market wide shocks, in order to complete the amendment under the shadow of the. This month, K ending, is bound to the development of the market fluctuated under the shadow correction. At the same time, this week the fundamentals in Friday, behind the drama was to complete the non-agricultural fall or rise, can not be achieved. So, the point of view. Before farming, the market is just a shock market. After Monday, Tuesday’s trend, the market on Monday, Tuesday, out of the same law, a moderate rebound in the day of correction, the United States and the pressure of the disk phase downward pressure. But the heart is always in the intensity of xinweitu inadequate state. So, before non-agricultural, I do not optimistic about the strong break. So is the market. Most people go in the direction of most people’s logical thinking is not suitable in this market. I have stressed that the Fed is currently in the hype. Interest rate hike is currently the only topic of speculation. In the tradition of the Fed rate hike before the payrolls data is abruptly bound. At the same time increase the eagle’s remarks. Is to do risk control and we have to do, after all, the Fed’s Mandarin principle, is not so easy to understand. In the non farm before, even if the eagle vowed to raise interest rates, we talk a lot of nonsense, but also not too seriously. Empathy, Eagle remarks to boost the dollar index rose, suppressed non beauty, noble metal, but the decline in the intensity and continuity are limited. Well, there’s no need to worry about. Today focus on the trend of non farm vane data ADP data. Its significance, no less than non-agricultural data. As the vanguard official data, has the significant guidance to the non farm data. So this is the most important data of the evening. Technology trends in the chart, the author is still maintaining the aspect of yesterday unchanged. The medium-term bearish adjustment, long-term bullish rise. The daily average system, rising channel, wave structure implies that no end up xindu. But the top departure from the state chart, as well as the downward pressure on the quarter line, suggesting that the current round of gold in the interim adjustment. So, in the short term, gold will continue to shock, after the completion of the connection between the big cycle, will break out of the interval. After the oil shocks, slow down, high range of finishing with the first test based on the final相关的主题文章: