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Baidu’s chief scientist Wu Enda: deep learning platform will be open to developers of Baidu’s chief scientist Wu Enda Phoenix Technology News September 1st news, held today at the World Congress on Baidu, Baidu’s chief scientist Wu Enda said in his speech, artificial intelligence technology, Baidu has to output and to assist in the transformation of industry, entered the era of artificial intelligence. Wu Enda said that Baidu’s most important products are heavily dependent on artificial intelligence, including search, advertising, glutinous rice, automatic driving, etc.. Baidu last month to do an experiment, the internal output of artificial intelligence technology to engineers and product managers, but also arranged a workshop on artificial intelligence, to see a month can do innovative products. Then Wu Enda and Robin Li see he cited several examples to demonstrate the innovative achievements of artificial intelligence, including automatic call customers, mining risk line patrol robot; automatic intelligent writing assistant to replace the words, recommend, modify the article; automatic picture cut and intelligent fashion collocation recommendation. Artificial intelligence in the end what can be done? Wu Enda provides two ideas: 1, the normal person can do less than one second, and now artificial intelligence can do very well. 2, the occurrence of a specific thing, in order to get a lot of data, you can analyze the results of the next. In the long run, Wu Enda’s confidence in the future of artificial intelligence, including personalized teaching, music composition, robot doctors and other projects are in the research phase. Live broadcast of a Baidu team is now doing voice input method, you can use a simple Natural Language Processing ability to understand human language, will also recommend expressions, etc.. Baidu’s ability to continue learning has now begun to support the work of third parties, such as the Taiyuan Railway Bureau to do the work of logistics optimization. Wu Enda announced that this month will be open to the depth of learning platform for everyone, colleagues will provide information on the depth of learning training to help developers and engineers learn how to use this platform.相关的主题文章: