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UnCategorized Blogs are currently all the rage in the internet marketing world. They have seen a rise in popularity so sudden and forceful that even brand names companies are getting in on the action. Movie stars, writers, television producers, and a myriad of highly respected individuals are using blogs as part of their every day lives. Starting a blog may seem like a daunting task for someone who doesn’t know much about them, but they’re really not that hard to setup. WordPress blogs in particular are very user-friendly, and the WordPress CMS (content management system) makes the process even more simple. The very first thing you want to do before you setup your WordPress blog is come up with a name for it. Naming your blog is a very important first step in the blog creation process. If your blog is going to be about a particular niche or subject, then your name should be based on that. For example, if I wanted to start a blog that promoted fishing hooks, I would come up with a catchy title such as ‘Fishing Hooks: Necessary or Unnecessary?’, and then design my content around that phrase. You’ll also need to choose a website address. If you’re signing up for a free blog on WordPress.com, then the title will be something like ‘fishinghooks.wordpress.com’. If you’re using the WordPress software for your own website, then you’ll have to check for the available domains and use something that you think is fitting to your niche. After you’ve come up with a name, you’ll need to pick a template (called a ‘theme’ in the WordPress blogs universe) for your blog. WordPress has many free and professional-looking templates for you to choose from from it’s main website. If you’re looking for something more original though, or a template that no one’s used before, looking for a designer who develops templates or a website that sells pre-made templates to budding bloggers would be your best bet. Once you have the code for your template implemented and setup, you’ll then need to configure the necessary widgets that you want displayed on your blog. Widgets are a big feature of the WordPress CMS that allow you to do stuff like add different pages (e.g. Home, About, Contact, etc.), or content to your blog. Some of the content widgets include del.icio.us, Flickr, and Meebo, among other things. You can also add a calendar, links, a search feature, or an RSS feed button to your blog. Utilizing these widgets on your WordPress blogs will give them a slight step up from other barren, mundane blogs out there. People like to be able to mess around with the content and features of the blogs they visit, and yours will not be an exception to that rule. If you want to know how to start a blog, keeping your potential visitors in mind at all times is something that you should start doing immediately. These are pretty much the main things that you have to do to start posting on your WordPress blogs, and start making money (if that’s your goal). Most people think that creating the content for their blog is the first step, but as I’ve shown in this article, there’s a lot of pre-foundational work that has to be done before you can get your blog out into the world. From naming your blog, to choosing how it will look, to choosing what kind of interactive features you want on it, it all goes towards teaching you how to start a blog. If you want to start learning more about WordPress blogs, then you’ve already taken a step in the right direction by reading this article. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: