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[Beijing] fun seclusion Yanqing, hawthorn courtyard – Sohu tourism "under the Hawthorn Tree", this is one of the works of Amy, is a popular network novel. In a subtle love narrative, tells the story of a period of love without the Internet age, the heroine of the public with a very beautiful name, called Jing Qiu this book sold 4 million copies and has not reduced the heat. After director Zhang Yimou was made into a film called "the history of the most clean love", so called under the hawthorn tree, has become synonymous with the pure feelings of love beyond time. Today, why would this work? Because of a small courtyard, a hawthorn Montreal, calm and simple deep in the Beijing Yanqing hawthorn yard. As is described in Zhang Yimou’s film, quiet village, possession of autumn – beautiful, quiet autumn Hawthorn courtyard, hidden in the Beijing mountains of Yanqing under the village called Tiger, quiet and peaceful, no secular disturb, not rid yourself of all your daily cares. Not even tourists, one day only two buses linked with the outside world. Here is really far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, if not familiar with the people who lead the way, really not easy to find! First attracted the Hawthorn yard, the yard a decades of big hawthorn trees in late autumn, the hawthorn tree covered with agate like red fruits, whole tree hawthorn is like a small red lanterns hanging in the trees, ah, is a beautiful scenery. Hawthorn, dull autumn and winter season with a bright red, but as a fruit, it is an awkward existence. Such a beautiful little red fruit does not have the good taste that can make people fall. The fruit is sour, hawthorn courtyard careful steward boiled juice, hawthorn has become a unique taste of the courtyard! From the mountains is a real gift ~ Hawthorn courtyard, has its own metamorphosis ~ short sparse walls, fences, in the growth of a variety of seasonal vegetables, full of all kinds of beautiful flowers! Now, the old house has become a new look, in the preservation of the old pattern of the basis, as far as possible to meet the needs of modern urban living comfort. A full set of Kohler bathroom wash the exhaustion of a day, 1 M 8 of the bed so that you sleep ~ is the quiet night rural village, autumn is a simple evening, sitting together, eating a delicious pot to the thick vegetable farm brazier fragrance in a morning carrying baskets to pick. Mushroom, afternoon to go to the field leisurely picking, deep breathing, new air ~ mountains or in the village and the villagers talk about ancient and modern! These little time, warm and beautiful.相关的主题文章: