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Beijing – VIDEO – Super Typhoon Meranti struck Fujian Quanzhou constant danger of super typhoon Meranti struck Fujian Quanzhou constant danger [comment] with the super typhoon "Meranti" approaching around Quanzhou city of Fujian province is the constant danger. The afternoon of September 14th at 3:33 PM, a large tin Lake Street Fengze District 11 floor of the hotel roof by storm, a huge security risks. [interpretation] local fire rescue personnel rushed to the scene after receiving the alarm disposal, the site of the incident in the hotel on the top floor, a large iron sheet which was a side of the wind blowing, shaking from time to time in the roof. Rescuers tied the belt, fasten safety rope, fillis to bring the hotel to get ready for the rapid, with a rope tied around by the wind off the iron, ensure that iron is not blown off. After five minutes of disposal, the success of the iron tied to eliminate the danger. [comment] in addition to billboards in the wind and crumbling, Quanzhou city from time to time that trees were uprooted. About 9:27 that evening, north west section of Fengze District Lake Village, a tree green trees were blown down by wind down, stopped at the side of a car. Local rescue workers rushed to the rescue. [comment] the scene, I saw a car parked on the roadside car front was a dump of green tree down. Rescue workers use motorized dump chainsaw to clear green tree branches. Soon, the tree was cleaned out part of the four fire officers and soldiers together to lift the tree to the roadside to prevent traffic jams. According to statistics, 14 am to 11 pm, Quanzhou city public security fire brigade received a total disposal of the collapse of billboards, damaged metal houses, trees and other aid for the rescue of the 20. Fire department also warned that the typhoon is about to land, please timely for some buildings, billboards, trees and other reinforcement or demolition, in order to avoid accidents. Wu Shengwei, Fujian, Quanzhou相关的主题文章: