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Beijing Warsaw non-stop fun central easier – Sohu travel search public number: zhixingjia1 September 21st Beijing travel experts know about flights to Poland flights in Warsaw, officially set sail, which will greatly shorten the domestic tourists to Europe travel time of flight, while Warsaw will also be a good choice for travelers to travel in central europe. (the capital of Poland Warsaw) Poland Schengen more simple 2007 Poland joined the Schengen ranks, the Schengen Czech than a member of the "hard" visa conditions, if you are a novice travel, Poland is more suitable for the first station as the central Genzhi brigade shen. (Poland assets to the visa applicant’s request) more than Warsaw transit station is located in the central area of Poland, West Germany, Czech to the South and east of Slovakia, close to Ukraine and Belarus. Due to the unique geographical position, Warsaw became the capital of Poland central hub multinational trade pass. The Warsaw Old Town was built in thirteenth Century, Gothic style building, standing on the Vistula’s appearance, is amazing for hundreds of years. (stand in the Vistula River Warsaw Old Town) (Warsaw Museum) (bright Warsaw building) in 1980 was listed as the world heritage Warsaw Old Town, was a result of World War II lost their homes and streets, fortunately clever local residents in Warsaw ahead of the buildings through drawings preserved, the Warsaw Old Town was able to reconstruct the original appearance. (destroyed by World War II (Warsaw) after the reconstruction of Warsaw) when aircraft over Warsaw, greeted the city building and the Vistula true to life shine with great splendor. Beautiful appearance, people only remember that this is a city in the world through the baptism of war, and forget it was pale and dilapidated. (Warsaw Castle Square) (corner of the city) (Holy Cross Church) Holy Cross Church is also buried in the heart of Poland pianist Chopin. If you listen to Chopin, to his home, listening to his nocturne. Poland’s new Prague was built around 1300 and is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in central europe. This ancient city has fun lively Grand Place, castle ruins and ancient cultural heritage and the continuation of the university. (Krakow city) in Central Europe Air China Flights Poland capital Warsaw round-trip ticket to 4K early, from the capital of Poland Warsaw to Czech Prague, only more than 1 hours of flight time, to the German capital of Berlin in 1 hours, 2 hours to Frankfurt. (Beijing direct flights to Warsaw) (Warsaw to Prague) if the hard conditions do not pass, or want to travel to China and the EU, then Warsaw is a good turning point. At the same time, Poland, as the interface between China and the European Union, is worthy of a country. As for how to arrange the specific itinerary, we must consider the Schengen visa conditions and travel demand. If you want to go to Iceland, you want to get a good way to get a visa as soon as possible, is to apply for a French visa, 24 hours out of Schengen. From Charles De Gaulle Airport, France, direct flights to Iceland, only about 7 hours, but also in France to play a lap, almost 1相关的主题文章: