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Bicycle with the use of also, cool! (people’s livelihood survey and a new line of exploration) – Soc adobe gamma


Bicycle with the use of also, cool! (new exploration survey line livelihood?) – Society – people.com.cn core reading recently, a new bicycle rental "Mobell bike" in Shanghai: it is not fastened to a post, do not need to do card, gets rid of the fixed parking point, through the intelligent mobile phone at any time to find the nearest one side, can whenever and wherever possible the car. 30 thousand bikes put on for 4 months, there are already 200 thousand people riding, to facilitate the public’s short commute, but also ease the pressure of traffic and the environment. This summer, with temperatures in Shanghai as hot, there is no "Mobell bicycle bike sharing pile". Many white-collar workers, like to take the subway, bus station, ride a bike, complete the last mile to the unit". Orange body in rivers of bicycles is extraordinarily eye-catching bright. When not to sweep the yard to do card, since the English Mobell bike, mobike, by mobile (mobile) and bike (bicycle) two words mixed together, to let the public bicycle flow, for people to travel, want to use, want to stop. In fact, many people are not unfamiliar with the public bike rental, because in many transportation hubs, urban scenic spots, have similar services. However, this type of rental bikes mostly need to advance to the designated place of registration card, and take the car, the car in a fixed position, bring a lot of inconvenience to the rider. The v-mobile bicycle biggest feature is no need to do card, get rid of the shackles of parking piles or fixed parking point, through the intelligent mobile phone can always find the nearest available rental bike. After use, as long as it is allowed to park the bike road, a user can insert the vehicles parked there, v-mobile bicycle team will be responsible for recycling. How is this achieved? Mobell bicycle CEO Wang Xiaofeng said that the use of mobile Internet technology. Mobell bike most tech is car lock, this lock in addition to security, the most important function is to achieve the positioning and two-dimensional code to unlock, which can calculate the distance and the fare. "String up geographic positioning technology, put in a lock, so that people can use the thousands on thousands of city, it is a pioneering work." Wang Xiaofeng said. Reporters experience Mobell bicycle "magic": using a mobile phone to download Mobell bike APP, real name registration and pay 299 yuan security deposit (refundable), then open the APP, distributed real-time map software can clearly see near the rented bike. Click on any of the bike icons on the screen to show you the distance, route, and the time required for your bike. Find the nearest Mobell bicycle, car body by scanning the two-dimensional code, you can open the lock of the car, the system started charging, charge 1 yuan per half an hour. After reaching the destination, parked in the parking area of the white line, set manual latch, APP will automatically calculate the riding time and distance. Reporters repeatedly riding after feeling Mobell bicycle body is heavy, so many users also reflect. "Public bicycles, hope it can also run in the wind and rain tree under. In the process of design相关的主题文章: