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Can be used to talk with you folding electric bills, stacked up and pushed away – but not heavy – many of the Sohu technology partners to take the subway, you must have seen the people carrying a folding bike travel. Crowded subway, the action is not easy to say, but also to take care of the bike energy. Today is to bring you a fruit Jun Qida R4 folding bicycle, allows you to easily travel at the same time, it is also more convenient to carry. Qida R4 is very small, folded and four sheets of A4 paper size, weight 14.8kg. More intimate, the implementation of bicycle seat tube added pulley design, after folding, two wheels and a pulley triangular solid support, not only when the seat rest, more important is that it can be implemented as box like, no longer carrying folding bike everywhere, very convenient. Bicycle use 5.8Ah Panasonic lithium battery power, removal and charging is very simple. 2 hours will be able to charge 80%, 3-4 hours full. 40-50km life, I believe that small partners do not have to charge every day. In addition, the battery is equivalent to a super large mobile power supply, can charge 20 times to the iphone6 phone. The use of R4 RBIKE Power System Corporation, manpower, power and electric three mode switch, the rider can choose according to their own habits and consumption. Added a throttle lever, allowing you to climb up to half of the moment can be accelerated, a little effort. R4 Qida very creative bicycle taillights joined the twelve constellations and various expression package, in the process of riding, not only let the rider taillights more secure, but also heart set pattern, feel cool. The whole frame is made of high strength aluminum alloy. Taiwan ZhengXin tyre, safe and durable. LED display meter, power, gear and other information can be very clear view. And the use of 36V, 240W rear high-speed brushless motor, to avoid the sudden acceleration when the risk of falling. ————–END————— want it? I send you ah! The folding bicycle free Qida R4! Fee! Send! Get 1 open WeChat, search and pay attention to the public number: extreme fruit nets 2 reply Keywords: fold相关的主题文章: