Carroll Resembles Drogba-sichen


Football Liverpool’s England midfielder Joe Cole said the team center Andy Carol reminiscent of Chelsea’s Didier Drogba is expected to be.e the ace of a new generation of Three Lions.1 to 1 draw in the friendly against Ghana, Carroll scored for England at sub-balls, and in Liverpool, he and goals Premier League high-handed blow gun Overlord popular niche succession Shearer Suya Lei Adams initially formed a new striker. Joe Cole said: "In such a short time, Carol has been showing such a big role, he reminds me of the young Drogba. "Carol’s height means we can play long ball, sometimes you need in the Premiership Football Shirt so he is very like Didier Drogba, and he was only twenty years old, we all know how Drogba terror Twenty-year-old when he did not so much Carol. ""Carol there is still much room for development, he is a good person, I think it is hard to find in January better Bikaluoer and Suarez signed up. ""I like to play with Carroll, he can protect the ball, so you have time to run, have him in the field, more threatening team, and I think Liverpool’s future looks good. ""Soares is also very good, they both partners, I am sure that will work either, they are a threat for any opponent. " Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard also takes this view, he believes the .bination of Carroll and Soares have to feel afraid of the English Premier League rivals. Gerrard said: "Carol is a tall center, but must remember that technology is good at his feet. ""With his advantage is that we play a rich, at the beginning can play ball, and if it Premier League Shirts needs urgent, you can play more direct, you can direct a long pass from the backcourt, while Soares ran around in the Carroll Move, which gives us a new tactic, I think, now with Premier League Liverpool forward line the most daunting. "Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger criticism of England coach Fabio Capello, the Italian said Wilshere in the use of .mon sense. Wilshere in England and Wales took part in the European preliminaries, and in the friendly with Ghana, but also starting to play 69 minutes, in just three days later, he again returned to Arsenal to participate in the Wolves game, Arsene Wenger Was very angry, because in addition to the goalkeeper, the four giants Wilshere is only played two consecutive games players."Ashley Young (Aston Villa) also played, so Wilshere is Liverpool Football Shirt not the only one, but the past week, many of the practice of the lack of .mon sense there, " Wenger criticized the Road, "end of the season we have to find FA to an explanation, Wilshere is also consistent with protection of the interests of the FA. ""It is normal to play a lot of games, but you must ensure that players who are not in a rise of the mistake. I want to protect the players, but I do not want to and who fight, so I have done battle and the French team. " The Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson very pleased, and he praised the strategy for Capello to rest players. Once on shore, and Wales in the .petition, Rooney, Terry and other players were allowed to return to the club, which makes the Red Devils coach very happy. "Under such a schedule, to allow England players Fabio Capello back to the club, this is a good thing. ""He should therefore be .mended. "It appears that coach their response based on their different positions on the offended COLE shirt Arsene Wenger Capello and allows Ferguson was satisfied, if the next consecutive appearance is Wayne Rooney, Sir Alex Ferguson also turned the gun I’m afraid to Italy Who opened fire. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: