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Sri Jones the U.S. dollar rebounded sharply, focusing on UK inflation data 心不再遥远

Si Chen Yi: strong dollar rebound focusing UK inflation data although the United States from Washington on closed for a day, the overall market trading was light, but because of the Asian and European stock markets climbed to improve risk sentiment and Delaki once again published dovish remarks, the market Monday also waves, the dollar index rose above 96.50; the price of gold fell more than 2%, intraday decline fell below the $1210; the euro fell to five trading days low. The focus of the market this week is Thursday the fed at 3 will be released January monetary policy meeting, for the market this week, the author gives the following layout. The pound against the dollar, the pound against the dollar: the recent market continues to delay the British central bank [micro-blog] point rate hike, coupled with the British back in Europe worried to subside, the pound is still relatively weak, the market focus shifted to the UK on Tuesday will be released on the retail and inflation data. From the 4 hours chart, the pound is still weak shock situation, short-term is expected to be once again stepped back below the 120 day moving average support, market outlook to altitude based strategy, recently proposed layout in 1.4500 above the empty one, to see the 1.4380 line, if continue to break, you can step into chasing empty, above resistance 1.4560, below the support level is 1.4370, 1.4200. The dollar yen had negative interest rate policy of the Bank of Japan to promote the effect of the depreciation of the yen is limited by the geopolitical risks and the impact of poor global stock market, market risk aversion surged, the depreciation of the yen is limited. However, as the risk aversion continues to decline, the U.S. dollar once again strengthened, the U.S. and Japanese exchange rates still have further room for upward. Recent proposals for short-term line layout in more than 114.30 single, the target first to see 115.20, the top resistance is 115.30, 116.50, support below 113.7 and 113. The Australian dollar Australian Dollar: the days of the Reserve Bank of Australia in February monetary policy meeting minutes dovish wording time on the Australian dollar hawks, but a boost, but the recent turmoil in global financial markets, the Bank of Australia is expected to remain cautious, the economic outlook is still relatively weak China, while the Australian economy and China high correlation, this is the recent Australian dollar weakened sharply. From the daily level of the Australian dollar fell below previous build a downward trend line of the triangle after the rebound back to test the pressure above the recent recommendations on the top of the 0.7200 above the empty single layout, above resistance at 0.7260, below the support level is 0.7020, 0.6940. Sina statement: Sina published this article for the purpose of transmitting more information, does not mean to agree with its views or to confirm its description. This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly and take risks at their own expense.

斯晨怡:美元强势止跌回升 聚焦英国通胀数据   虽然美国因华盛顿日休市一日,市场整体交投较为清淡,然而因亚洲和欧洲股市攀升改善风险情绪以及德拉基再度发表鸽派言论,使得周一行情亦有所波澜,美元指数攀升至96.50上方;金价跌逾2%,盘中回落跌至1210美元下方;欧元兑美元跌至五个交易日低位。本周市场的关注焦点在于美联储周四凌晨3点将公布的1月货币政策会议纪要,对于本周的行情,笔者给出以下布局。 英镑兑美元   英镑兑美元:近期市场不断推延英国央行[微博]加息时间点,加之英国退欧忧虑难以消退,英镑依旧较为弱势,目前市场焦点转向本周二英国将要公布的零售和通胀数据。从4小时图看,英镑依旧处于震荡偏弱局势,近期依旧有望再度回踩下方120日均线支撑位,后市采取高空为主的策略,近期建议在1.4500上方布局空单,先看到1.4380一线,若能继续下破,则可进一步追空,上方阻力位为1.4560,下方支撑位为1.4370、1.4200。 美元兑日元   美元兑日元:此前日本央行的负利率政策对日元贬值的推动影响较为有限,受到地缘政治风险以及全球股市欠佳影响,市场避险情绪激升,日元贬值受限。然而随着避险情绪的不断减退,美元再度走强,美日汇价仍有进一步上行的空间。近期建议短线在114.30一线布局多单,目标先看到115.20,上方阻力位为115.30、116.50,下方支撑位为113.7、113.00。 澳元兑美元   澳元兑美元:日内澳联储2月货币政策会议纪要措辞偏温和鹰派,但时间内对澳元有一定的提振作用,然而近期全球金融市场动荡,澳洲央行保持谨慎,中国经济前景预期依旧较为疲弱,而澳大利亚经济与中国相关度较高,这也使得近期澳元大幅走弱。从日线级别可知,澳元在跌破此前构筑的下降三角形的上升趋势线后出现反弹回测上方压力,近期建议在上方0.7200上方布局空单,上方阻力位为0.7260,下方支撑位为0.7020、0.6940。 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。相关的主题文章:

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Ao Xiaofeng Anta sports (02020-hk) look at space limited target price 21 yuan 辽宁大学就业网

Ao Xiaofeng: Anta Sports Co. (02020-HK) at the space target price of 21 yuan sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor the sports goods industry in Hong Kong stocks through level2 market mechanism cards is the key sector in 2016, especially the August Olympic Games approaching, the media player and sports more attention will stimulate the sports goods and sports the increase in demand; the long term, China sports entered the beginning stage, the super marathon, CBA and other events with stable growth in private capital inflows, the sports industry will drive the Chinese towards the 2025 5 trillion target industry. Today sports company leader Anta (02020-HK) will be released 2015 annual results, the overall aspect mainly has five: (I) affected by mild winter weather, the annual income can be as expected to break the billion mark, (II) announced at the end of last year Klay Thompson basketball shoes sales situation, (III) the future launch in r the proportion of expenditure (IV), the Olympic year strategy and publicity, the proportion of expenditure on the progress (V) related to the acquisition of Sprandi. The five direction will reflect the future development direction of the group, especially the group valuation is higher than other industries, mainly reflects its visibility and R & D capabilities, the future direction of development is an important factor to maintain high valuations. At present, the stock price reflects the expected performance of the group and the valuation of overdraft in 2016, but the space is limited in the short term, but because of the rapid development of the industry, it is still the first choice for long-term investment, the target price is 21 Hong Kong dollars. If you want to watch Related videos, please select FinTV into Sina Financial shares

敖晓风:安踏体育(02020-HK)上望空间有限 目標价21元 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 港股level2行情 翻看机构底牌 体育用品產业是2016年的重点板块,特別是8月份奥运会将至,媒体播放量和体育关注度的上升将刺激体育用品和运动需求的增长; 长线而言,中国体育进入起步的阶段,马拉松、中超、CBA等赛事稳定掘起,加上民营资本流入,将带动中国体育產业迈向2025年5万亿的產业目標。 今天体育股份龙头安踏(02020-HK)将会公佈2015年全年业绩,整体的看点主要有五:(i) 受暖冬天气的影响,全年收入能否如预期般衝破百亿大关、(ii) 去年底公佈Klay Thompson的篮球鞋款销售情况、(iii) 未来投放於研发的开支比例、(iv) 奥运年的策略及宣传等开支投放的比重、(v) 有关收购Sprandi的进展。 五个方向将反映集团未来的发展方向,特別是集团估值较其他同业为高,主要反映其知名度及研发能力,未来的发展方向是其维持高估值的重要因素。目前股价正反映集团符合预期的业绩表现和透支2016年的估值,短期上望空间有限,可是由於行业发展迅速,其仍然是长期投资的首选,目標价21港元。 【若想观看相关视频,请选择FinTV】 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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UF network transformation of the Internet three areas continue to burn losses expansion 河北大学学位办

UF Internet Network Transformation: three areas continued to burn the losses and the transformation of the Internet Network UFIDA: three areas continued to "burn" network losses UF each reporter Ling Jianping intern reporter Jing Wong the evening of January 26, 2015, UF software (600588, SH) announced that the company name was changed from "UFIDA Software Limited by Share Ltd" for "UFIDA network Polytron Technologies Inc". At present, UF transformation has gone halfway, but in its "software +", "enterprise Internet services" and "Internet finance" three areas of huge investment did not make the company profitable, but the loss widened. Recently, the report released by UF network shows that the company achieved operating income of 1 billion 740 million yuan in the first half of 2016, an increase of 14.8%; realized attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of -1.80 billion yuan, an increase of 11 million 280 thousand yuan in losses. Including the first half of the government subsidies of 23 million 452 thousand and 300 yuan and VAT refund of 133 million yuan. UF network explained the reasons for the expansion of losses, said the main reason is that the reporting period continued to increase investment in enterprise Internet services business and Internet banking business, the total investment of 416 million yuan two yuan, an increase of 205 million yuan. UF network chairman and CEO Wang Wenjing said in an interview this year, 2015 is the starting year of UF Internet transformation, 2016 is the new strategy to deepen the implementation, to achieve the number of customers, the scale of business breakthroughs through the efforts of UF’s goal is to use three years to complete the transformation of the internet. It is worth mentioning that, as a leader in the software industry, UF network has been driven by the wave of information technology, has been unprecedented success in the enterprise management (ERP) software market, but its strategic investment in the transformation of the Internet is very large, but the output is not ideal. In this regard, the "daily economic news" reporter call UF network senior vice president Zheng Yulin. He said, "the question has been received, please wait for reply."." However, as of press time, did not receive a response. In addition, the process of UF network transformation Internet companies from the software and the actual data, the reporter found that almost all of the domestic brokerage analysts are bullish report, but foreign UBS, Goldman Sachs and other brokerage analyst thinks that UF transformation "burn" too much on the subsequent performance, so that even neutral bearish conclusions. High growth transformation of the new Internet business performance from high investment report shows that the first half of this year, the UF network enterprise Internet services revenue was 40 million 830 thousand yuan, an increase of 201%; to achieve revenue 71 million 750 thousand yuan Internet financial services, an increase of 224%. As of the end of 6, the customer enterprise Internet service number more than 128 million, compared with the end of 2015 an increase of 60%; the payment business transaction amount of Internet financial services in more than 13 billion 800 million yuan, an increase of 345%; net loan trading platform service matchmaking cumulative turnover of 6 billion 240 million yuan, the first half of the new brokered transactions amounted to 3 billion 190 million yuan, up 105% more than the end of 2015. theory

用友网络转型互联网:三大领域持续烧钱亏损扩大   用友网络转型互联网:三大领域持续“烧钱”亏损扩大 用友网络   每经记者 凌建平 实习记者 王晶   2015年1月26日晚间,用友软件(600588,SH)发布公告称,公司名称由“用友软件股份有限公司”变更为“用友网络科技股份有限公司”。目前,用友转型已行至中途,但其在“软件+”、“企业互联网服务”与“互联网金融”三大领域的巨大投入并未使公司盈利,反而亏损扩大。   近日,用友网络发布的中报显示,公司2016年上半年实现营业收入 17.40 亿元,同比增长14.8%;实现归属于上市公司股东净利润-1.80亿元,亏损额同比增加1128万元。其中还包括上半年获得政府补助的2345.23万元和增值税退税1.33亿元。用友网络解释亏损扩大的原因称,主要原因是报告期持续加大对企业互联网服务业务和互联网金融业务的投入,两项投入合计4.16亿元,同比增加2.05亿元。   用友网络董事长兼CEO王文京今年在接受媒体采访时表示,2015年是用友互联网转型的起跑年,2016年则是其新战略的深化执行年,希望通过努力实现客户数量、营业规模上的突破,用友的目标是要用三年时间完成此次的互联网转型。   值得一提的是,作为软件行业的领导者,用友网络受信息化浪潮推动,曾在企业管理(ERP)软件市场取得前所未有的成功,但其向互联网转型的战略投入很大产出却不理想。对此,《每日经济新闻》记者致电用友网络高级副总裁郑雨林。他表示,“问题已收到,请等回复。”不过,截至记者发稿未收到回应。   此外,对于用友网络从软件转型互联网企业的过程和现实数据,记者发现,几乎所有的国内券商分析师都发布报告看多,但瑞银、高盛等国外的券商分析师却认为用友转型“烧钱”太多影响后续业绩,因而得出中性甚至看空的结论。   转型之互联网新业务 业绩高增长来自高投入    中报显示,今年上半年,用友网络的企业互联网服务业务收入为4083万元,同比增长201%;互联网金融服务业务实现收入7175万元,同比增长224%。截至6月末,企业互联网服务业务客户数超过128万家,较2015年末增长60%;互联网金融服务业务中的支付业务交易金额超过138亿元,同比增长345%;网贷撮合交易平台服务业务的累计撮合成交62.4亿元,上半年新增撮合成交金额31.9亿元,比2015年底增长105%。   看着这些高成长的数字,用友网络转型似乎取得了不错的成绩,但事实上,在这些亮眼数据背后,是用友网络新增4.16亿元投资的结果。中报显示,今年上半年,用友在互联网金融和服务两项业务合计取得的收入为1.13亿元,而投入为4.16亿元,投入产出率为27.16%。   此外,去年受转型战略调整的影响,用友网络对互联网新业务的投入达到了8.02亿元,正因如此,用友网络去年实现归属于上市公司股东的净利润为3.24亿元,同比下降幅度为41.2%;扣除非经常性损益后的净利润为1.06亿元,同比下降幅度为79.5%。牺牲净利润得到的回报是:互联网服务实现收入为8695万元、互联网金融业务收入为8109万元,但投入产出率也仅为21%。也就是说,在最近一年半时间内,用友在互联网新业务方面每投入10元钱,产出不到3元。   8月13日,在中国企业互联网大会上,王文京透露,目前企业互联网业务基数较小,但是增长很快,公司将把企业互联网服务普及到1000万以上的企业和组织,企业互联网业务预计三年内可成为公司主营业务来源。   虽然王文京对用友网络的转型充满信心,但事实上,“用友不是互联网出身的公司,能把企业互联网做得怎么样?”是大多数人对用友网络转型的焦点问题。   对此,王文京在上述大会上解释道,“用友经过几年的实践,在企业互联网方面具备各方面的优势,比如能形成集软件、云服务和金融于一体的组合服务。毕竟能把这三类产品组合起来,同时服务一家企业的提供商还是不多的。”   对比用友和其老对手金蝶的数据,也可以看出用友转型的艰难。在中国企业管理软件行业素有“南金蝶,北用友”的说法,两家企业拼杀了20多年。伴随着企业互联网化浪潮的来临,作为传统软件行业巨头的金蝶和用友也积极拥抱互联网。   不过,在市场战略选择上,双方却“大路朝天,各走一边”。金蝶制定了“ERP+云服务,加速向移动互联网转型”的战略,而用友则提出了“互联网服务+互联网金融”的转型方向。   8月17日,金蝶国际(00268,HK)发布的2016年上半年财报显示,公司营收为9.13亿元,其中ERP业务收入为7.18亿元,同比增长6.2%,云服务业务同比激增138.3%,实现1.95亿元的收入;毛利润同比增长20.9%,达7.25亿元,毛利率为79.3%;实现归属股东净利润增长47.2%,达到1.35亿元。   可见,在净利润方面,金蝶国际比用友网络更胜一筹。此外,金蝶国际的云收入也首次突破集团整体收入占比的20%,转型看起来一帆风顺。从数据上看,2015年互联网新业务占用友网络的总营收比例为3.77%,而今年上半年占比上升至6.49%,三年内要将新业务发展成为主业来源,用友转型之路还有一段距离。   转型之友金所P2P 互联网金融业务遭遇监管    友金所是用友互联网转型的重要一环,但P2P正遭遇监管。   公开资料显示,用友网络互联网金融的主要经营模式是利用互联网技术和信息通信技术实现资金融通、支付、投资和信息中介服务的新型金融业务模式,主要包括支付业务和P2P业务。其中,P2P业务通过用友网络旗下的投融资平台友金所开展。   《每日经济新闻》记者登录友金所官方网站看到平台上的产品数量只有四款,即YY活钱(类似于余额宝)、YY理财、友金e富以及债权转让,产品的年化收益率在7%~12%。其实,这样的收益率在众多的P2P平台中并不吸引人。   实际上,友金所平台上开售的产品只有YY理财,友金e富不单独购买,所有YY理财的标的都来源于友金e富,并且是自动投标的。   值得注意的是,在P2P行业经历野蛮生长后,强监管时代已经来临。8月24日,银监会会同工信部、公安部、国家互联网信息办公室等部门研究起草的《网络借贷信息中介机构业务活动管理暂行办法》(以下简称《办法》)规定,网络借贷金额应当以小额为主。同一自然人在同一网络借贷信息中介机构平台的借款余额上限不超过人民币20万元;同一法人或其他组织在同一网络借贷信息中介机构平台的借款余额上限不超过人民币100万元;同一自然人在不同网络借贷信息中介机构平台借款总余额不超过人民币100万元;同一法人或其他组织在不同网络借贷信息中介机构平台借款总余额不超过人民币500万元。   上述规定会对友金e富产生比较大的影响。据该产品的项目信息,友金所寻找优质小额贷款目标客户,主要客群是使用用友财务软件、ERP软件的小微企业主客户。项目的特点是小额分散,风险可控,每笔业务最高不超过50万元,平均每笔业务在20万元左右。   大隐基金前海晟达投资总监金银松就表示,“P2P确实会受政策影响很大,因为政策整体在收紧。对用友网络这块业务,我们的观点是看空。”   9月19日,记者看到友金所平台上处于还款阶段的友金e富项目的投资列表中,很多项目的金额都超过20万元,明显与《办法》规定相违背,例如:编号为LA20160919000048的产品金额为35万元、编号为LA20160919000045的产品金额为40万元、编号为LA20160919000046的产品金额为50万元。   对此,友金所客服人员解释称,“《办法》下发之后会有一个整改时间,12个月之后如果国家政策确定是那样规定的,我们也会按照国家要求调整。”   此外,上述《办法》非常明确地把P2P定位成现有金融体系的补充,未来P2P业务的发展空间除个人小微贷款、二手车贷、消费金融等领域外,所剩无几,并且这些细分领域在P2P野蛮生长的几年中,早已沦为红海。   一位证券行业人士在阅读完用友网络的中报后告诉记者,“业绩没有太多亮点,并且现在转型P2P,我个人认为时机有点晚了,而且现在监管较严,所以用友布局P2P在市场上的影响力以及盈利能力都会打折扣。对比搜狐旗下搜易贷、平安旗下陆金所以及宜信,用友在时机上还是慢了半拍。此外,在企业服务领域,用友对应腾讯、阿里巴巴等,但又缺乏流量优势。”   转型之企业级服务 面临阿里、腾讯竞争    企业级服务是用友转型的另外一个重要方向。   市场研究机构Gartner称,在全球企业中部署的高度定制化的ERP系统到2016年或将成为“遗留”软件,能够满足企业所有需求的集成化ERP系统如今正在被新兴的云解决方案所替代。   近年来,SAP、Oracle,甚至包括金蝶国际在内的企业都在云端收获颇丰,SAP通过频繁并购进入云端服务市场;Oracle为了适应云端部署将90%的代码进行了重构;金蝶国际也在向云战略转型,今年上半年实现了1.95亿元的收入。而用友网络在云端的布局则是通过与阿里巴巴的合作。   2015年7月29日,用友网络和阿里巴巴集团正式达成战略合作。根据协议,在云计算领域,用友旗下多款产品将逐步迁入阿里云,阿里将持续给予用友网络一定的免费阿里云资源,用友可以在云上向企业提供SaaS(软件即服务)化的服务。企业将可一站式获得阿里云提供的云计算支持,以及用友网络提供的多样化行业解决方案。   作为中国软件行业的龙头企业,投资者更希望看到用友网络成为一个领导者而不是跟随者。不过,按照中报用友网络云服务的业务收入来看,用友网络的脚步甚至还没有跟上金蝶国际。   除了云服务业务的暂时落后,用友网络在企业级市场的发展也并非一帆风顺。当大多数互联网公司还在发力消费互联网时,互联网巨头阿里巴巴和腾讯等早已将重点转向了企业级市场。   根据Strategy Analytics的最新研究报告,全球移动SaaS市场规模将从2016年的209亿美元增长至2021年的379亿美元。面对企业级市场几百亿美元的大蛋糕,起家于消费互联网的腾讯与阿里巴巴和起家于软件市场的用友网络陆续开始布局社交与协同领域。   5月31日,用友网络宣布成立社交与协同办公服务事业部,并以“企业空间”为核心,整合“企业+”、“有信”以及“M+”,将构建大中型企业及组织社交与协同服务平台,发布用友网络最新的社交与协同战略。   具备相同功能的,还有今年4月腾讯上线的企业微信1.0以及阿里集团的“钉钉”。社交与协同是抢占企业级市场的关键,希望从消费市场进入企业级市场的阿里巴巴和腾讯,以及希望向企业互联网转型的用友在该领域势必有一场腥风血雨。   与阿里巴巴和腾讯这些互联网巨头相比,用友网络多年来积累的200多万家企业的优势还将存在吗?这是一个值得思考的问题。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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Ali pictures hand in hand, Spielberg will acquire part of the shares of its company 潍坊医学院研究生处

Ali pictures hand Spielberg to acquire part of the company’s equity capital flows thousands of thousands of hot columns on stock diagnosis the latest rating simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Sina Hong Kong APP: real time market exclusive reference stocks also worth the investment? What’s the problem? Where is the future? Sina launched the "Hong Kong Hong Kong stocks as well as unattractive" discussion, with a rational and constructive attitude, welcome attention to Hong Kong stocks, concern of the capital market, Hong Kong stocks together for suggestions, seek the Hong Kong stock market tomorrow. Please to hkstock_biz@sina. Sina Finance News October 9th news, this afternoon, Alibaba Film Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as the aliying) announced a package of collaborative development plan with the Amblin Partners production company, Alibaba will acquire a stake in Amblin pictures, and expand cooperation in film investment, production, derivatives and other publicity. Amblin Partners was founded in the end of 2015, most of the people at home may be a young company unfamiliar, but everyone on the founder of the company must be familiar with, Amblin’s founder and chairman, is one of the world’s most successful film master Steven – Spielberg. At the ceremony today, Jack Ma, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba, also came out and praised Hollywood for telling stories. Ali pictures hand Spielberg acquired Amblin stake in the aliying partner, Amblin Partners Studios was founded in December 2015, the main shareholders include DreamWorks Studios mechanism and Participant Media, Reliance Entertainment (India consortium company) and Entertainment One. The introduction of Amblin into Ali pictures is the first introduction of Chinese capital. Amblin founder Spielberg is heard, he is one of the world’s most successful and influential filmmakers, who directed "Jaws", "alien E.T.", "Indiana Jones" series and "Saving Private Ryan", "Jurassic Park" and other large, is the history of the highest global total box office movie director. Spielberg’s film career has won numerous honors, including three won the Oscar prize. It is understood that the Amblin Partnres was first established, the audience of many China market into the company’s core strategy, the company has been hoping to sell part of the shares to the introduction of new shareholders. According to Ali pictures and Amblin both agreements, some Alibaba pictures will buy Amblin shares of Partners, one of Amblin Partners’s strategic shareholder, the two sides will make joint investment, cooperation, in derivatives and publicity issue areas in close cooperation. On the other hand, on

阿里影业牵手斯皮尔伯格 将收购其公司部分股权 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 新浪港股APP:实时行情 独家内参   港股还值不值得投资?出现了什么问题?未来出路在哪里?新浪港股发起“港股还有没有吸引力”大讨论,以理性、建设性的态度,欢迎关注港股、关注资本市场的人士,一起为港股建言献策,共谋港股市场的明天。来稿请至hkstock_biz@sina 。   新浪财经讯 10月9日消息,今天下午,阿里巴巴影业集团有限公司(以下简称阿里影业)宣布,与Amblin Partners制片公司达成一揽子协同发展计划,阿里巴巴影业将收购Amblin部分股权,并在电影投资、制作、衍生品及宣传等方面展开合作。   Amblin Partners成立于2015年年底,对国内大部分人来说可能是一家比较陌生的年轻公司,但大家对公司创始人肯定不会陌生,Amblin的创始人兼董事长是全球最成功的电影大师之一、史蒂文-斯皮尔伯格。今天的合作仪式上,阿里巴巴董事局主席马云也现身助阵,并赞好莱坞懂得讲故事。   阿里影业牵手斯皮尔伯格收购Amblin部分股权   阿里影业此次的合作伙伴、Amblin Partners制片公司成立于2015年12月,主要的股东机构包括DreamWorks Studios、Participant Media、Reliance Entertainment(印度财团旗下公司)和Entertainment One。此次Amblin引入阿里影业是第一次引入中国资本。   Amblin的创始人斯皮尔伯格可谓是如雷贯耳,他是全球最成功和最有影响力的电影人之一,曾执导过《大白鲨》、《E.T.外星人》、《夺宝奇兵》系列和《拯救大兵瑞恩》、《侏罗纪公园》等大片,是有史以来全球电影总票房最高的导演。斯皮尔伯格的电影生涯获得无数荣誉,包括三次赢得奥斯卡奖。   据了解,在Amblin Partnres成立之初,就把受众众多的中国市场纳入公司核心战略,公司一直希望出售部分股权来引入新股东。   根据阿里影业与Amblin双方制定的协议,阿里巴巴影业将收购Amblin Partners的部分股权,成为Amblin Partners公司的战略股东之一,双方将在投资、联合制作、衍生品合作及宣传发行领域展开密切合作。另外,阿里影业将派驻一位代表进入Amblin Partners的董事会。   未来,Amblin Partners和阿里巴巴影业将共同制作面向中国及全球市场的电影。此外,阿里巴巴影业还将以联合投资的形式参与Amblin Partners其他电影项目等等。   双方今年将开始联合推广新电影   此次合作也是阿里影业第一次投资入股好莱坞公司。自2014年8月成立以来,阿里影业的一个战略的重心是国际业务。据了解,阿里影业目前已在美国、英国、韩国等内容制作重点国家建立业务团队。   据不完全统计,2015年以来,阿里巴巴影业陆续投资了《碟中谍5:神秘国度》、《忍者神龟2:破影而出》、《星际迷航3:超越星辰》等好莱坞大片以及韩国电影《REAL》,并与Skydance联合投资拍摄二战题材电影《飞虎队》等等。   阿里影业总裁张蔚表示,阿里影业此前一直在好莱坞寻找合适的合作伙伴,并于今年年初开始与Amblin沟通。   “其实如今很多来自中国的热钱游走在好莱坞,我们也收到很多合作意向。但是很多时候对方只是将阿里影业视作资金来源以及进入中国市场的渠道。但阿里影业和Amblin不是单纯的财务投资,相信此次合作将为双方业务带来长期的增长。”她说。   在双方的合作内容中,未来阿里影业将是Amblin Partners在中国地区电影项目的营销、发行及衍生品伙伴。   而根据新浪财经了解, Amblin Partners目前已有多部作品正在制作中,其中由斯皮尔伯格导演的《圆梦巨人》即将在中国内地上映。另外,《大洋之间的灯光》、《列车上的女孩》、《一只狗的生命目的》以及与华纳兄弟影业联合制作的《玩家一号》等,均将于今明两年上映。   马云现身助阵赞西方人擅长讲故事   今天的合作仪式上,史蒂文-斯皮尔伯格本人和阿里巴巴董事局主席马云也来到现场助阵。   马云在发言时称,当今中国消费者对全球性的优质内容的需求正不断增长,此次合作将给中国消费者带来积极影响。“昨天电影死了,今天我们会让他们复活,我相信灵感和价值观不会死亡。”   他在与斯皮尔伯格对话时,称赞西方电影讲故事的本事:“西方比中国人更擅长讲故事,美国电影有时候展现的是人性的价值观。”   而斯皮尔伯格今天给中国热爱电影的年轻人给出了建议:“好多人来问我如何成为一个导演或者编剧,我说你不应该问这样的问题。如果你有梦想,你要做什么没有人能阻止你。如果你要当导演,那你有好的想法就把它写下来,看是否有合作伙伴让你梦想成真。如果你真有想法,没有人会对你说不行。如果有人对你说不,那就找其他人。”   马云也附和称,年轻人要用脑,不要别人说什么你就跟着做。另外,年轻人想成功必须找到好的合作伙伴,没有人可以自己独自成就大事业。最后,他建议每个人保持乐观。   “每一个英雄都是正常人。很多人说我是英雄,他们应该看我早些时候的经历,那时候我也是路人甲,总是失败,从来没有想过变成今天这个样子。”马云感叹。(新浪财经 徐雯) 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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SOE reform sample first show the general manager does not work directly reduced to employees 昭阳e280l

The reform of state-owned enterprises sample debut: general manager does not drop directly into the sample of reform of state-owned enterprises employees first show: general manager does not drop directly into the staff each reporter Feng Biao February 23rd, State Development Investment Corp and emerging Jihua Group as the first batch of pilot enterprises in the reform of state-owned enterprises, the first public share reform experience. 23, the SASAC of the State Council held the news center entitled "reform of state-owned assets of state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises focus on new seminar reform", State Development Investment Corp, emerging Jihua Group, China tower company, Jiangxi province SASAC 4 units were primarily responsible for the share of the "restructuring of state-owned capital investment company established, the board of directors to exercise senior personnel selection" and "sharing" the tower "competition" and "to strengthen the regulatory capital based state-owned assets supervision experience. Among them, as the board of directors directly hiring general manager of the pilot enterprises, emerging inter Hua in 2015 to achieve the general manager of the market hiring. According to Liu Mingzhong, chairman of Xinxing Jihua Group, the general manager can only retain the identity of ordinary employees if the general manager is not good enough to terminate the employment contract. Gao Minghua, director of corporate governance and enterprise development research center of Beijing Normal University, told the daily economic news reporter: "the general manager is selected by the board of directors, which is an important manifestation of managing enterprises according to law.". Exploring the mechanism of emerging inter Korean is of great significance to the next step of reform." At this meeting, Peng Huagang, Deputy Secretary General of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, said that 2016 is the year of implementation of the reform policy of state-owned enterprises, and this year will focus on key and difficult issues to carry out the "ten pilot reform", through the pilot breakthrough, multi-point flowering. The board of directors hiring the general manager of insiders told reporters that this is the SASAC level for the first time to share the experience of other sample selection reform, reform of the central enterprises are expected to experience the birth. In 2014, SASAC selected 6 central enterprises to carry out 4 pilot projects. Emerging Jihua is selected to carry out the board of directors to exercise pilot selection of senior executives. In October 15, 2015, emerging Jihua cadres held on behalf of the board of directors, chairman Liu Mingzhong announced the appointment of Yang Bin as general manager of the company, and the general manager signed the "contract book" and awarded the appointment. Li Jin, chief researcher of China Enterprise Research Institute, told the daily economic news reporter: "before that, executives of state-owned enterprises were appointed by the organization departments or the government. This is the first time that the central enterprises directly appoint the general manager by the board of directors, which shows that the state-owned enterprises have chosen a professional manager and established a market-oriented enterprise system, which has taken a substantial step." In this seminar, Liu Mingzhong, chairman of the new Jihua chairman, introduced the general manager contract through the contract of general manager’s appointment, and signed the responsibility book of annual performance appraisal with the general manager to realize the management contract". Liu Mingzhong also revealed that the emerging international Huaming indeed, such as assessment no goals or performance evaluation in C level and below, the general manager of the enterprise shall have the right to terminate the contract, but this does not mean that do well the general manager also served as deputy general manager of management positions, but only ordinary employee identity. If the board chooses the general theory

国企改革样本首秀:总经理干不好直接降成员工   国企改革样本首秀:总经理干不好直接降成员工   ◎每经记者 冯彪   2月23日,国家开发投资公司和新兴际华集团作为第一批国企改革试点企业,首次公开分享改革经验。   23日,国务院国资委新闻中心举办题为“聚焦新国企・改革进行时”的国企国资改革研讨会,国家开发投资公司、新兴际华集团、中国铁塔公司以及江西省国资委4家单位的主要负责人分别分享了“改组组建国有资本投资公司”、“董事会行使高管人员选聘”、“共享竞合的‘铁塔模式’”和“以管资本为主加强国资监管”等实践经验。   其中,作为董事会直接选聘总经理的试点企业,新兴际华在2015年就实现了总经理的市场化选聘。据新兴际华集团董事长刘明忠介绍,如果选聘的总经理干不好,解除聘用合同后,只保留普通员工身份。   北京师范大学公司治理与企业发展研究中心主任高明华对《每日经济新闻》记者说:“总经理由董事会选聘,是依法治企的重要体现。新兴际华在机制上的探索对下一步的改革很有意义。”   在此次会议上,国务院国资委副秘书长彭华岗表示,2016年是国有企业改革政策的落实年,今年将围绕重点难点问题开展“十项改革试点”,通过试点取得突破、多点开花。   董事会选聘总经理    业内人士告诉记者,这是国资委层面首次选取改革样本分享经验,其他试点改革央企的经验也有望破茧而出。   2014年,国务院国资委选择6家央企开展4项改革试点。   新兴际华被选作开展董事会行使高管人员选聘试点。2015年10月15日,新兴际华召开干部大会,董事长刘明忠代表董事会宣布聘任杨彬为集团公司总经理,并与之签订《总经理聘用合同书》并颁发聘书。   中国企业研究院首席研究员李锦告诉《每日经济新闻》记者:“此前,国企高管多由组织部门或政府任命。这是央企首次由董事会直接聘任总经理,表明国企选聘职业经理人、建立市场化的现化企业制度迈开了实质性一步。”   在此次研讨会议上,新兴际华董事长刘明忠介绍,企业通过《总经理聘用合同书》实现总经理“身份市场化”,与总经理签订《年度经营业绩考核责任书》实现“管理契约化”。   刘明忠还透露,新兴际华明确,如考核没有完成相关目标或业绩考核在C级以下,企业有权对总经理解除聘用合同,但这并不意味着干不好总经理还可以担任副总经理等管理职位,而是只保留普通员工身份。   “如果董事会选聘的总经理不合格,解除聘用合同后,一律只保留工程、经济、会计、政工等相应系列职称和普通员工身份,‘岗变薪变、易岗易薪’。真正实现了‘干部能上能下,薪酬能增能减’。”刘明忠说。   高明华告诉《每日经济新闻》记者:“国企的治理结构都比较好,但是治理机制还不完善。新兴际华在董事会选聘总经理方面的探索很有意义,采取党组织推荐,董事会市场化选聘,契约化管理的模式,是一个重要突破,同时更重要的是实现了公司治理规范化,加强党的领导,做出了有益的尝试。”   通过试点取得突破    国投公司董事长王会生表示,国投公司在开展“国有资本投资公司”试点中始终坚持问题导向,“一方面,我们推动国有资本向命脉和民生领域集中;另一方面,发挥投资导向作用,比如将股权投资基金作为进入前瞻性战略性新兴产业的有效途径。通过试点,国投公司在国有经济布局结构调整中放大了资本经营的重要作用。”   《每日经济新闻》记者注意到,在被问及国企改革的关键词时,王会生选择了“授权”。据他介绍,对于旗下试点企业国投电力,按照“能放则放、应放全放”的原则,将人力资源管理、薪酬激励、部分融资管理等,依法应由企业自主经营决策的事项归位于国投电力,共有70个事项授权国投电力自主决策。   彭华岗也提及,2015年,以管资本为主推进国资监管机构职能转变,国务院国资委取消、下放审批事项22项,各省级国资委取消、下放审批事项222项。   尽管一系列重大举措开始实施,但彭华岗也认为,当前改革正在进入攻坚期和深水区,国有企业改革在探索推进过程中仍有不少困难、问题需要解决。   彭华岗说:“特别是在加强董事会建设、市场化选聘经营管理者、推进职业经理人制度、改组组建资本投资运营公司等重大问题上,仍有待加快探索,寻求新的突破。”   对于今年国企改革的重点工作,彭华岗称,将围绕重点难点问题开展“十项改革试点”,通过试点取得突破、多点开花,以点带面,推进体制机制创新。   当前,中央多次要求加快供给侧改革,推动国有企业提质增效,实现转型发展。   “今年要紧紧围绕提质增效,加大国有企业重组整合力度,优化国有资本结构布局,促进转型升级;要进一步抓好国资监管机构职能转变,以管资本为主加强国有资产监管,不断激发企业活力,增强发展动能。”彭华岗说。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: