Cattle the plainclothes police when the tourist ticket prices over 7 times to sell-noiseware


"Cattle" to plainclothes police when tourists ticket price doubled 7 times to sell a ticket originally 30 yuan, was sold "cattle" to 260 yuan, and is peddling to plainclothes police. Xiamen news reporter learned, Siming Public Security Bureau in the National Day period to carry out combat "cattle", "Wild Guide" action, captured a bold "cattle". At 4 pm on October 4th, Siming Public Security Bureau police brigade and Lujiang police station plainclothes patrol on the beach near the park. Plainclothes police after a tour, sitting on a roadside bench to rest. At this time, a man took the initiative to come over, sitting beside the police, asked whether or not to open the ticket. Police infer that the man may regard them as tourists. The man then introduced, he sold tickets from the pier to Gulangyu Islet, a 260 yuan. In fact, this ticket is only 30 yuan. Plainclothes police then brought the man to control, to the Lujiang police review. After investigation, the man surnamed Lin, 33 years old, Jiangxi people. Lin said, he paid money to hire the ferry ticket to buy tickets. Offer 260 yuan "scalpers", queuing people can be divided into 110 yuan. At present, Lin has been detained by the police for disrupting the order of the wharf. The reporter learned from the Siming Public Security Bureau, from the beginning of October 1st, Siming Public Security Bureau order brigade police station, the police station and Lujiang, conducted a thorough investigation of the ferry near the fight "cattle field guide" special action, maintain stable security environment during the festival tourism. Within 6 days, a total of 1 Siming police "cattle" sentenced to security detention, 1 regular tour security warning, 7 suspected "cattle Wild Guide" reprimand personnel. >

“黄牛”把便衣民警当游客 船票价格翻7倍兜售 一张原本30元的船票,竟被“黄牛”卖到260元,而且是向便衣民警兜售。厦门新闻广播记者了解到,思明公安分局在国庆期间开展打击“黄牛”、“野导”行动,抓获一名胆大的“黄牛”。10月4日下午4时,思明公安分局治安大队和鹭江派出所民警身着便衣,在海滨公园附近巡查。便衣民警巡查一圈后,在路边长凳上坐下休息。这时,一名男子主动凑过来,坐在民警身旁,张口就问要不要船票。民警推断,这名男子可能把他们当成了游客。这名男子随后介绍,他卖的船票是从嵩屿码头到鼓浪屿,一张260元。而实际上,这张船票只要30元。便衣民警随即将这名男子控制住,带到鹭江派出所审查。经查,该男子姓林,33岁,江西人。林某说,他花钱雇人到嵩屿码头排队买船票。开价260元的“黄牛票”,排队的人可分到110元。目前,林某因扰乱码头秩序,被警方治安拘留。记者从思明公安分局了解到,从10月1日开始,思明公安分局治安大队联合鹭江派出所、中华派出所,对轮渡附近进行明察暗访,展开打击“黄牛野导”专项行动,维护节日期间旅游治安环境稳定。 6天内,思明警方一共对1名“黄牛”处以治安拘留,1名正规导游治安警告,7名疑似“黄牛野导”人员进行训诫。>相关的主题文章: