CCTV exposure shady takeaway one day to sell five thousand strings Mala star business is no reliable


CCTV exposure shady takeaway: one day to sell five thousand strings Mala star business is no reliable network ordering platform survey: self proclaimed "star business" for the problem of restaurant news: this year since 315, around all kinds of shady Internet takeaway platform has been exposed by the media, has aroused strong social repercussions, the relevant departments have also launched a series of campaigns. However, the reporter recently discovered in the investigation, the license is missing, dirty and messy health situation still exists. The application platform of self proclaimed "star business" for the problem of restaurants in the U.S., the reporter random search to a "thousand Malatang" businesses, registered in the platform address: Chaoyang District eight district 41 West guanzhuang. And businesses in the U.S. platform on the qualification of the public license, registration is not the same. Not only that, the catering industry must have "three certificates complete" only a "business license" and "catering service license" two certificates, and these two documents clearly show that the expiration dates are December 2015. Deep in the near east city of Victoria Ciyunsi bridge an old district, the reporter found the "thousand Malatang", a temporary buildings built in the area of open space in the store, a dozen square meters in size, a few tables is the operating table, a staff member is loaded into the container by food. From time to time flies around the ups and downs. When reporters walked into the kitchen, inside narrow messy, garbage everywhere, cooked spicy place is filthy. Reporters were soon out of the kitchen owner. Looking around the shop walls, the reporter did not see any license suspension, the store is the most prominent of the store was billed as "a day to sell five thousand strings Mala" star merchant. Went to the store also reminded, ordering from the takeaway platform, and beauty group monopoly. Food black workshop: only takeaway thousands Malatang refused to eat fish with an expired license, reporters in the survey also found that there are some takeaway platform businesses simply can’t be called a hotel, is still in the takeaway platform on the parasitic black workshop. Near the Chaoyang District Guanzhuang Road, a street alley, the reporter found a spicy hot pot shop. Hung hotel signs, but refused to guests in the restaurant, the reporter felt fantastic. In the face of the reporter’s questions, but they look the other way. After many setbacks, the reporter finally managed to enter the hotel, the hotel was originally a kitchen, where guests can dine there. The store through the takeaway platform, release information and contact the store, takeaway consumers through a single platform, and then by the express delivery to consumers. The platform provides only a catering business qualification license, the above name: Beijing and Xi Shun Restaurant Management Co., don’t call us spicy spicy hot pot. From a survey of the situation, still have the qualification of the store platform omissions, resulting in non-compliance continues to open stores.相关的主题文章: