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Chaoyang people wearing the armband appeared on the streets of from all walks of life — publ ca1477


"Chaoyang" people wearing the armband appeared on the streets of   from all walks of life — public opinion channel people.com.cn in recent years, Chaoyang people of this mysterious organization has repeatedly provided important clues and help the police uncovered star drug cases. Recently, a group of Chaoyang people wearing red armbands special public debut on the streets, has attracted the attention of many people. Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that the red armband is Jinsong police station design, worn by the people of Jinsong’s police station through the training of selected Chaoyang people. They come from all walks of life, at the same time doing their own work, but also will pay close attention to the surrounding environment, there is a suspicious situation immediately to the police. There is a golden shield worn by the masses of the red armband Chaoyang middle, top write "red Chaoyang people" four characters, and below the printed patterns are hand in hand. While the bottom is a sign of the government of Chaoyang District’s Jinsong Street office and Jinsong police station. BYD reporter learned that wearing red armbands marked the enthusiastic people Beijing Chaoyang Public Security Bureau of Jinsong police station from the area of selection, and the armband was Jinsong police station for their design and production. According to the Jinsong police station Pan Lei introduced red armbands designed for several months, after repeatedly made the final. Pan Lei said, meaning peace shields are hand in hand, meaning police work, do the armband is to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the masses, police work together to defend the peace. It is understood that from the beginning of September 1st, wearing a red armband Chaoyang people official posts. There are hundreds of people, mainly concentrated in the community and the community Dajiaoting West Road, personnel is mainly composed of seven members of the community a long ", namely express courier, building cleaners, shop inspector, water table, parking administrator, residential property manager, security guards and small loumen long. These people through training and selection, and after the examination, if the assessment is passed, will need to recover the armband. Yu Tao, deputy director of the Jinsong police station, in order to allow people to fully play the role of the sun, the police for each industry people have done targeted training. For example, cleaners, suspicious items should pay attention to the building, including the building of suspicious persons, such as prostitution and drug crime clues to report. The courier, attention should be paid to the receipt of suspicious packages, such as to see the control tool and other suspicious items, but also to reflect the situation to the police. Yu Tao said that the new posts reflect the positive masses chaoyang. Previously, more than eight cases of theft occurred in the vicinity of Yang, police mastered some of the characteristics of the suspect. In September 3rd 5 a.m., an accord with the physical characteristics of the suspect who has just entered the eight tree Yang District, was found security guards and timely alarm, then, near the Chaoyang people and police in a building block will suspect containment, will eventually captured. The security officer in second days to get a reward of $1000 clues. Yu Tao introduction, the current work is also a trial run phase, the future will promote other communities in Jinsong. The police will have a selection of training targeted to enthusiastic people to the community, and awarded the Chaoyang masses of red armbands marked, as mentioned)相关的主题文章: