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Chengdu a residential elevator "rested" two owners said "was not" (map) for high-rise residential building tenants, the normal operation of the elevator and the maintenance of safe and convenient travel essential, however, who lives in Chengdu City, Qingyang Road No. 99 YOUPIN Road District 36 building owners are elevator problems for a long time. The reporter saw at the scene, three elevator only two in operation, the owners told reporters that the elevator fault has been nearly two months, caused a great impact on their daily travel, such as elevator long time did not say, the rest of the two elevator but there is a fault. Reflect many times to no avail, the owners were told to buy no elevator parts, then lift what trouble? Why not repair? The property told reporters that the elevator problem is a fire due to the end of September the building ten building, and because the fire house is leased, the landlord and the tenant on the issue of compensation is not consistent, so the elevator has no maintenance. At present, Wuguan has arranged for maintenance personnel to start maintenance, is expected to resume before six p.m.. Sichuan radio and television all media reporter: Zhang Yujia editor’s note: the video has nothing to do with the original, only to expand the reading of the elevator to jump machine 7 months of failure 200 times in the load…相关的主题文章: