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The child to the graduating class   parents should do what – Shandong Channel – People’s network Liang Yufei Ma Ma: hello! My children this year after the summer school graduation class. I was a child, at this stage, how can we not hanging heart? My child is not particularly good grades, the children themselves are not at the end, worried that they can not get good grades. You said the child to the graduating class, but also a big development? Need to pay special attention to what the problem? What can parents do for their children? Li Fang Reader: hello! The children to the graduating class, hard last year is indeed a critical moment, let parents very worried about. So, at this critical moment should pay attention to what the problem? We talk about the first year of a child can not have a good development. I know a boy, when he was a very humble student, the results in the middle of the river, the teachers did not hold much hope for him. However, shortly after the beginning of the third grade, the teachers found his momentum of development, only to see his results go up and down, and finally admitted to a high school with outstanding achievements, to high school after the results are still rising. This year in the graduating class has a greater development of students in elementary school and junior high school often appear. This is why? Psychology and the study of talent that the potential of the brain is very large, usually people only use the brain potential of 7% ~ 10%. That is to say, the brain 140 to 17 billion nerve cells, although the number is huge, but most of them can usually idle, which makes most of us mental 90% dormant, this is also our most people are ordinary people. However, once the development process has a better subjective and objective conditions, it will make the brain’s potential to be more development, showing a strong ability. In the graduating class life under the effect of external factors, the children’s internal cause is also a good time to change. Therefore, we should be full of hope for the development of children into the graduating class. So, the parents how to do is conducive to the development of the last year of the child? One is to power. My eldest daughter read the third day, the computer recorded in our father and daughter before the start of a dialogue father: daughter, tomorrow will begin, you will be put into a real protracted war. A year, it is necessary to keep the spirit of perseverance. What does this year mean to you? Mean a lifetime of destiny. People’s life is a long way, but the key point is that a few steps. Now you’ve come to the most critical step. This step is like a crossroads, how you choose, will determine the future of your life path. You’ve been through a lot of failures, and you’ve come back from failure. But this time you can not wait for the failure to move forward, because the reality is not to give you such a chance. So, you only have to firmly grasp the fate of this decision a key step, you will have your own good future. Dad knows that you have the ability to hold on to your destiny and have the confidence to create a better future. Your life)相关的主题文章: