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China Banking Regulatory Commission: risk management guidelines to fully consider the various types of institutional differences in the exposure of the Sina fund platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! CBRC relevant responsible person on the "guide" the comprehensive risk management of banking financial institutions to reporters to enhance the level of comprehensive risk management of banking financial institutions, banking institutions to better serve the real economy, the China Banking Regulatory Commission recently issued a "comprehensive risk management of banking financial institutions (hereinafter referred to as the" guidelines "guidelines"). China Banking Regulatory Commission departments responsible person on the guidelines related questions answered reporters’ questions. What is the background of the guidelines? A: there are three main aspects of the guidelines: first, China’s banking risk management is lack of guiding regulation. In recent years, the CBRC has made various prudential rules, covering capital management, credit risk, market risk, liquidity risk, operational risk, and in various fields, management system, but still lack a command for comprehensive risk management, comprehensive rules. Therefore, it is necessary to make a prudent regulation on the comprehensive risk management, and provide the policy basis and guidance for the establishment of a comprehensive risk management system. The two is the comprehensive risk management practice of banking financial institutions need to be improved. China’s banking industry in the construction of a comprehensive risk management system has achieved some results, but there are still practical problems to be improved: first, the overall risk management and effectiveness of the need to be improved. Second, the establishment of a comprehensive risk management system for small and medium sized banking institutions started relatively late, the degree of refinement to be improved. Third, the application of the results of the comprehensive risk management of banking financial institutions are more based on the regulatory requirements of the CBRC, the depth and breadth of space is still very large. Three is the international regulatory reform on the risk management put forward new requirements. After the international financial crisis in 2008, international organizations and national regulators are actively improving the comprehensive risk management system of financial institutions. 2012, the Basel Committee revised the core principles of effective banking supervision, improve and refine the principles of 15 "risk management system" of the standard. After that, the Basel Committee and the Financial Stability Board for comprehensive risk management elements of corporate governance, risk preference, risk culture and risk reports have issued a series of policy documents, put forward specific requirements. The formulation of "guidelines" is not only the result of actively adapting to the new requirements of international regulatory reform, but also helping to improve the risk management level of China’s banking industry. Two, "guidelines" to develop the main idea is what? A: the drafting of the guidelines is mainly based on the following ideas: first, the formation of systemic risk management regulation. Two is to put forward the framework of risk management, strengthen the comprehensive and relevance perspective. Three is to improve operability, provide comprehensive risk management and regulatory guidelines. Four is the introduction of the core principles of minimum standards, reflecting the latest achievements of international regulatory reform. Five is to fully consider the various types of institutional differences. Six is to focus on the convergence of existing regulations. Three, "guidelines on相关的主题文章: