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China Insurance Regulatory Commission intends to raise the threshold of access to insurance companies Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The reporter Huang Lei, editor of maple in recent years, favorable capital from various quarters of the insurance license, especially some private capital is the insurance company as a financing platform and ATM, potential risks can not be ignored. In this context, in order to be more effective in the tight shareholders, especially important shareholders of this entrance, the CIRC intends to introduce specific measures to strengthen supervision. Zhengbao reporter was informed yesterday, the CIRC intends to modify the insurance company equity management approach (hereinafter referred to as the approach (Revised Edition)), the industry is currently seeking advice. The core contents include: raise the insurance company shareholders access threshold, especially for controlling shareholders that the asset liability ratio and financial leverage ratio is not significantly higher than the industry average level and other specific requirements; specification of shareholders’ short-term speculation licence ", to obtain illegitimate interests behavior; strengthen the relevant risk investigation means and accountability. Analysts insiders told reporters, "(Revised Edition)" is not to limit the social capital investment in the insurance company, but the new problems faced in recent years equity management practice in the insurance company to be clear and standardized, do not give people an opportunity to fish in troubled waters ", and for those who understand the operational characteristics of the insurance industry, really want to do the investors do not affect insurance. Controlling shareholders tighter the access threshold "approach (Revised Edition)" content, mainly focus on the shareholder qualification, equity, equity capital, equity shareholders behavior, supervision, accountability and other fields, more comprehensive, detailed and clear specification, followed by the new changes in the market, new problems. All along, the insurance company investors are divided into domestic corporations and overseas financial institutions of the two class, but the way "(Revised Edition)" have been added in the limited partnership enterprises, institutions and social groups. Limited partnership enterprises, institutions and social organizations can only become the insurance company’s financial shareholders, natural persons can be purchased through the listing of insurance companies to become shareholders of insurance companies. It is worth noting that the approach (Revised Edition) also from the shareholding ratio, qualification conditions and the impact of the insurance company’s management and other dimensions, the shareholders of the precise classification. Financial shareholders, holding shares of insurance companies less than 10%, no significant impact on the management of insurance companies; strategic shareholders, holding more than 10% but less than 1/3, or equity holdings is less than 10%, but enough to have a greater impact on the management of the insurance company; controlling shareholder, holding more than 1/3, have a controlling influence on business the management of insurance companies. For those who intend to apply for the above three types of investors, the approach (Revised Edition) also made clear the specific conditions. Financial shareholders, the most recent fiscal year earnings in the last three years no tax evasion records, no major recorded dishonesty, no record of serious violations; strategic shareholders, in addition to meet the above conditions, must meet the leading position in this industry, the recent相关的主题文章: