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Since China’s foreign exchange reserves since the fall of three record lows in December 2011 JINGWAH times cartography Xie Yao 9 foreign exchange reserves at the end of December 2011 hit a new low of China’s foreign exchange reserves three times JINGWAH Times News (reporter Yu Xuefei) Chinese foreign exchange reserves declined for third consecutive months, 9 at the end of the foreign exchange reserve since December 2011 lows. Yesterday, the central bank released data show that in September the scale of foreign exchange reserves of $3 trillion and 166 billion 380 million, a decrease of $18 billion 800 million. Many analysts said the decline in foreign exchange reserves in September, on the one hand, affected by seasonal factors, eleven golden week before, residents of outbound tourism swap demand, Gouhui significantly increased demand; on the other hand, the dollar exchange rate, the central bank to increase efforts to safeguard stability. Looking to the future, the industry believes that with the October RMB officially joined the SDR currency basket, foreign reserves and the RMB exchange rate will remain relatively stable. In the future two-way fluctuations in the RMB exchange rate, foreign exchange reserves will fluctuate up and down. Deputy director of the Bureau of foreign exchange balance of payments Wang Chunying recently said that from the balance of foreign exchange reserves, the beginning of the reserve balance decline is relatively large. But since February, the decline narrowed significantly, the monthly changes also showed a downward trend, the current reserve balance basically stable at $3 trillion and 200 billion up and down. The foreign exchange reserves held by the government of a country’s international reserve assets, that is held by a government debt denominated in foreign currency, is a national monetary authorities to hold and ready to exchange foreign currency assets. In narrow sense, foreign exchange reserves of a country’s accumulation of foreign exchange reserves; broadly speaking, refers to foreign currency denominated assets, including cash, gold, foreign securities etc.. In addition, the central bank also announced to SDR (SDR) valuation, 9 end of the foreign exchange reserves of 2 trillion and 268 billion 485 million SDR, compared with August, a decrease of SDR. This means that foreign exchange reserves for two consecutive months of negative growth. In August, a slight decrease of 6 billion 943 million SDR QoQ; foreign exchange reserves in July increased by an average of 6 billion 38 million SDR. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: