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China game market ushered in a period of the outbreak of small and medium-sized manufacturers where is the outlet meet capital China game market ushered in the outbreak of each reporter Zhao Na when the Tencent led consortium’s $8 billion 600 million acquisition of well-known international game maker Supercell 84.3% of the shares of the company, China capital and game docking in the global field reached its peak. In the capital boost, the current game industry is ushering in another outbreak. To accept the "daily economic news" interview with reporters, enfodesk interactive entertainment industry research center director Xue Yongfeng said that the domestic game companies have been listed, and three new board for small companies, is a good financing channel. Overall, the game market for many years has been in the stage of rapid development. From the capital level, the capital is willing to invest in this area, but also because the realizable period. Indeed, the game has a strong liquidity, in recent years, capital has been helping the market bigger. In addition to exploring the international market, the old topic, the game is now a major trend in the field will be aimed at the pan entertainment. For example, the evening of August 1st, 37 mutual entertainment announced a major asset restructuring plan, the company intends to 2 billion 565 million yuan of the total equity trading on the price of the acquisition of three companies, it is regarded as overweight pan entertainment layout. Hand travel is a trend, you can tour the product life cycle is usually not long. The agency issued a "find your sister", "cut the rope" explosion Mobile Games Beijing times share Polytron Technologies Inc (hereinafter referred to as the share time) on the choice of the transition, Du Haitao, Chen He, Lin Update Star Partner by pulling, development around the star IP in mid August, after the new board listed. Pan entertainment and internationalization can not be separated from the capital in August 15th, the official listing of the new era of sharing three board. Perhaps listen to the name will feel strange, but this hand travel agency issued over to find your sister, cut rope and other explosive game. As we all know, hand travel product life cycle is usually not long. For small and medium manufacturers, with the explosion of the hand like a grab the vitality, but it seems that just caught a rope is not strong. For the sharing of the times, in looking for your sister and other products were later replaced by blasting, the direction of the transformation is to pick up the star IP this boat. Daily economic news reporter in the sharing of the Times noted that the first half of 2016, the company achieved operating income of 100 million 838 thousand and 600 yuan, net profit of $10 million 546 thousand and 400. In stark contrast, the first half of 2015, its operating income of only $1 million 132 thousand, net profit is a loss of $2 million 963 thousand and 700. In other words, the company’s revenue grew 8807.79% over the same period last year, net profit growth of more than the same period last year, 455.85%. The main reason is that, during the reporting period, the company’s business model changed compared to last year, the company achieved a new format from the game to the shadow of the game tour linkage, pan entertainment layout." It is worth noting that the pan entertainment, gaming, broadcast and VR (virtual reality), now is a popular trend and game related, the company will have the "packaging" strategy. The latest case study相关的主题文章: