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Chongqing police seized the public security investigation experts hired dumb money 30 thousand yuan Yuzhong District of stolen goods show. Newspaper reporter Lei Jian photo Yuzhong police booty show. This reporter Lei key taken yesterday, Yuzhong police conducted a loss of stolen goods pull results show, cash, computer, pseudo base station equipment on the site, and Bentley car etc.. This year, a total of Yuzhong police to restore the loss of more than 5600 yuan. There are piles of money and a Bentley car at the site of the exhibition, the reporter saw: marked on the label the money bill into the heap, orderly placed on the display table. In addition, there are computer, pseudo base station equipment, bank cards, ID card (fake ID), on site parking stolen, Bentley cars and other luxury cars. According to reports, the Department of property loss of stolen goods pull exhibition, showing the public security organs hit detection results, pending a court decision, they will be returned to the victims according to law. Restore the loss of more than 5600 yuan in March this year, Yuzhong police cracked the Ministry of supervision 2016.1.1 communication network fraud, to achieve a full blow to the entire gang and behind the king of all levels of personnel. The ad hoc group of members of the first time he moved to Guangdong, Fujian, Sichuan, Guizhou, Jiangxi and other places, thousands of stolen goods, real estate, and seized the stolen money involved cars worth more than 700 yuan. In June, it cracked the "2016.5.30" communication network fraud and seized stolen money cash more than 10 yuan, the freezing of bank accounts for 4, the amount of more than 3000 yuan, seized 1 sets of Bentley cars, worth more than 300 yuan. Since 2016, Yuzhong police in handling cases of usurpation were seized the stolen money 636 yuan, 4313 yuan of bank funds frozen, seized 2 sets of real estate, worth more than 230 yuan, seized 9 vehicles, worth more than 400 yuan, other types of goods seized more than 160 pieces, a total loss of more than 5600 yuan to save the masses. Sign language experts hired breaking in pickpocketing in early January 2016, Yuzhong Hualongqiao police arrested 2 deaf pickpocket suspects. This is for the police station, is the most common but small case". But the police did not slack, but to tackle. By interrogating suspects, break the psychological defense, get more cases and valuable clues, then traveled to Sichuan, Chongqing suburbs to collect the suspect information, combing the context of clarifying the gang network, and invited experts to help Wuhan sign language with the development of the interrogation, interrogation and clues timely use of existing resources and the reconstruction of fixed evidence. The two suspects at the break, in one fell swoop destroyed two entrenched in the city nearly 5 years of local deaf pickpocketing Gang, the scene seized the stolen money 3 yuan and other items involved, and all returned to the victims of the masses. Mr. Liu has been the victim of a mobile phone theft suspects. When the police informed Mr. Liu to receive, Mr. Liu said this is "surprise": "at that time, although reported, but the mobile phone itself is not expensive, the truth doesn’t hope to come back, can only blame themselves accidentally. I did not expect the police so hard to help me find back!" Loss of stolen goods pull "routine" it is understood that, in order to pull Xu相关的主题文章: