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Chuzhou Ancheng the first batch of pilot reform of rural "three changes" — Anhui — channel according to the Chuzhou news network, revitalize rural funds, assets, resources, activate the farmers the right to land contractual management, housing property rights, collective income distribution rights, to explore effective forms of collective economy, increase farmers’ income. The day before, Anhui province in 12 villages of 10 counties with "resource assets, fund shares, farmers become shareholders in order to carry out the main content of the" three rural "reform. The pilot reform of our city to Luozhuang County Town Village tower is one of them, will increase the province’s farmers, agricultural efficiency and rural reform and development cultivation demonstration model. Chuzhou County Commission Network reporter has learned, Banta town Luozhuang village location and resources advantages, suitable for carrying out the pilot reform. Previously, the specially formulated "three" reform implementation of the program. According to the pilot program, the village will revitalize the collective assets to carry out joint-stock cooperative, farmers contracted land, poverty reduction funds and financial awards complement funds shares cooperatives development of special industries, 2016 per capita income of farmers 1800 yuan, reached 14800 yuan; the village collective economic income of 54 thousand yuan, reached 164 thousand yuan; 42 households in poor households all out of poverty. Shares of land management rights. Luozhuang village Chen WA, the official pier two villagers group of 52 acres of land ownership stake in Luozhuang cooperatives, shares of land by the unified management of cooperatives, the income of the shares allocated by the share of land. Shares 308 acres of land, in accordance with the equity of the shares to quantify the equity of 1 to set up the shares of the 30800 shares of the group of 1. In order to fully protect the land in the income of the farmers, take the insurance proceeds and stock dividends according to combination of income distribution. To determine the share of 5 yuan of insurance proceeds, in order to reduce the risk of farmers shares, according to the profit distribution cooperatives base base after the 60% stock dividend, guarantee the farmers to buy land in the first year of income of not less than 500 yuan per mu. Operating assets into shares. Luozhuang village of the existing 50KW power station, a valuation of 150 thousand yuan. Located on the side of highway 312 Ma Hong Kong primary school existing 18 houses, property belonging to the village collective, the valuation of 269 thousand and 600 yuan. Original Luozhuang Village Branch of the existing housing 15, valued at 600 thousand yuan. Village level operating asset valuation total 1 million 19 thousand and 600 yuan. The village set aside 300 thousand yuan assets in Luozhuang cooperatives, the remaining 719 thousand and 600 yuan of assets, shares quantified to households, 5 yuan per share, shares 140460 shares, the whole village of 5140 people, 1 people and 28 stake in Laian Luozhuang agricultural professional cooperatives. Assets of the annual income of not less than 18%, the village collective economy shares income reached $54 thousand, the per capita income of farmers shares reached $25.2. Financial input into the project funds and poverty alleviation to the family capital. The village of Luozhuang in 2016 to help poor households 42 households, 101 people, according to county poverty alleviation premium policy, household facilities development of grape planting 0.5 acres, the origin of Luozhuang County agricultural professional cooperatives managed. County finance premium funds 3000 yuan per household, a total of $126 thousand stake in cooperatives, per share of $5, 600 shares per household. 2016, the province’s financial investment in the village of Luozhuang Yangtze River watershed comprehensive development projects相关的主题文章: