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CITIC Guoan force IP basketball tournament reinforce the concept of sports hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money in September 19, 2016 three pm, CITIC Guoan city Beijing basketball news conference at the Grand Prix promoter held at the Hotel Kunlun. CITIC Guoan Group Co., vice chairman, party secretary Xia Guilan, the first general manager Liu Xin, director of the Beijing TV station sports center Jiao Shaobo, Beijing Basketball Association chairman Sun Guohua, Secretary General Lin Jiali and other leaders attended the press conference and start the contest. Beijing Shougang team coach Min Lulei guidance, players, Zhai Xiaochuan, and representatives of the teams are also invited to attend the meeting on behalf of the group of. The contest sponsored by CITIC Guoan Group Co., Ltd., CITIC Guoan first city, Beijing basketball association. It is reported that this event a total of 32 branches of the capital’s top mass basketball team, hundreds of games will be conducted during December in October, through the preliminary qualifying game, the finals, the final race of the winners will receive the corresponding rewards. At the same time, CITIC Guoan will start through this competition, and strive to create a new standard of Beijing amateur basketball tournament, first introduced the game operations professional service system and system of pre-season training camp, professional referee team, professional venues, high standard. At the same time, CITIC Guoan to build a basketball Hui Museum APP will also be on the line in the near future. According to the organizers, the basketball court APP services to the team and the player’s care as the core, the team and the players demand as a service oriented, will provide a high quality of life for everyone who loves sports experience. The national security service system and the combination of the Hui community basketball hall, the venue layout, referees, coaches, sports equipment, video, laundry, medical and other full-service introduction to the APP side, which is introduced into the movement of the basketball fans in the city life. According to CITIC Guoan city (Beijing) general manager of Tourism Culture Co., Zhou Zhenbo said: "over the years, CITIC Guoan has been committed to the Beijing sports to make its own contribution, has become a name card of Beijing Guoan Football, national security now enter the basketball field, but also to promote the National Fitness, and make a contribution to Beijing cultivation of sports talents." It is reported that CITIC Guoan Group Co. Ltd. and Beijing Basketball Association, Beijing TV, music as sports in the future will also carry out more in-depth cooperation, in addition to the launch of the IP basketball tournament, the future will also cover "intelligent venue service", "CITIC Guoan basketball community", "CITIC Guoan basketball Carnival" CITIC Guoan basketball Internet application services "," youth basketball training and basketball industry ecological chain plate. The first city named Alex Fong of the national security event, which is located in the Beijing Tianjin Hebei junction of the "Golden Triangle" area, Beijing Poly cultural essence of large-scale cultural tourism projects in the future will also strengthen the construction of sports facilities, and will build a comprehensive stadium with a professional standard of the basketball in the year, with quality theory within the area of the masses相关的主题文章: