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[color] baby 16302nd Fucai 3D recommended summary [color] baby BLUELOVER 3d16302 forecast: abandon the decimal mean lottery 3D 2016301st lottery number: 572, six groups of morphology, size ratio of 2:1, parity ratio of 2:1, and the value of 14, a span of 5. 3D2016302 lottery experts predict number: Code: 301 stage temperature, temperature cooling, only in ten out of 7, through the observation of the recent number trend, the next stage temperature code to judge again warming may. Quality: the mass ratio of the open 3:0, the last three stage quality numerical difference, a new value 1 2 quality will become the mainstream. 012: 301 in Sanyushu is 212, according to a recent analysis of the data, the last 302 012 road 0 road numerical recommendations concern more open, specifically recommended 010 Road 100 road. Mean: the period of mean falls on the 5 point, the recent average in the small scope changes, suggested that this period continue to abandon 0-2 within the scope of the decimal value. The size of forecast: the large number of number 2, the recent large number of ball shows covering signs, the expected number of the next large numbers will remain two. (source: baby net color) [color] plays the master predicted baby Fucai 3D16302 period: cold code can give up 2016301st lottery lottery 3D number is 805, and the value of 13 points, the size and shape of large size, parity form even odd, span value of 8. 3D forecast number 2016302 period the new quasi: cold Code: the period of 1 cold number prize value is 2 down to a combination of cold, open code average value analysis, a new code can be considered to give up cold. Hot code: on a hot 5 out of 1, according to the historical data that a new period of heat continues to mark out. Temperature: warm state number 7 fell in the first place, the pattern of the new pattern of the emergence of new rules, the 2016302 phase of the low temperature is expected to continue to heat. Ten difference: 300-301 period of ten consecutive difference is 5, the last stage of the cold ten difference to cover higher frequency, the next stage recommendations concern ten difference transfer to decimal interval. Ten bit number and the most recent five with a bit and the value of more than 10 points in the following range of shocks, combined with the same period of history and the distribution of the value of the value of the characteristics of the 2016302 phase to determine the value of the ten and the value of the upward trend in the ten phase of the. (source: baby net color) [color] baby showers forecast drizzly period: Ten lottery 3D16302 small amplitude lottery 3D 2016301st lottery number 572, weight code out of 2, and the value rose to 13 points, 8 points to span. 2016302 3D test machine before the forecast analysis: 100 number: 100 yards last year fell to 5, from the current trend, the 302 one hundred digit will remain high oscillation trend. Ten Views: the number 7 ball award, compared with the previous period, amplitude as high as 7 points, according to the analysis we can conclude that a new period of ten digit number again open probability of large amplitude is not high. One bit analysis相关的主题文章: