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Continuous tour of the elderly group does not exceed 3 hours – Finance – People’s network nlite


The elderly group does not exceed 3 hours of continuous Tour — Finance — people.com.cn published by the National Tourism Bureau of the "travel" elderly tourism service standards will be implemented from September 1st, according to the provisions of the old features, detailed provisions of the reception service, Follow-Up Services and so make arrangements, including high risk or high strength tourism projects should not be appropriate arrangements; free activities in the crowded degree is low, easy management area, continuous tour time should not exceed 3 hours. In 1 position for more than 60 years of age I want to give my parents over the age of 70 at a cruise, consulting a lot of travel agency, did not receive the people over the age of 70, individual travel reception, but we need a medical certificate." Ms. Lee for the parents to apply for a tour group, encountered such a problem, the travel agency for the reception of the elderly is not uniform standards. In September 1st the implementation of the "elderly tourism service standards" first to the elderly tourists under a clear definition: at least 60 years of age (including 60 years of age), but not for tourists age limit, this is a good thing for more than 60 years of travel enthusiasts to tourism operators can be a challenge. 2 stroke slow pace of slow changes in elderly group slow, "standard" is put forward, the elderly continue to tour time should not exceed 3 hours, the entire trip should be slow, continuous car ride time should not exceed 2 hours, each of the spots should be plenty of time to visit. "Standard" at the same time, the travel agency signed a contract with the elderly tourists, the elderly should be collecting personal health, emergency contact information and other details, and please tourists to sign, 75 years of age or older tourists should please adult immediate family signature, and shall be accompanied by an adult family member. 3 people with a group of doctors with the elderly travel, family members are most worried about health risks. In this regard, the "standard" proposed charter flights, charter, train travel and more than 100 of the elderly tourist group should be equipped with accompanying doctor service. At the same time, you should also choose to have emergency physical rescue and other business skills, to understand the general medical knowledge, with at least 3 years of experience in the tour guide, meticulous, patient tour guides with the whole group service. Driven by the impact of new products on the market for the elderly tour the new GB, Ctrip Travel Division, responsible person Shi Yu said, Ctrip has been introduced? Old age group specification "parents travel standards, most in terms of national standard can be implemented, including the arrangement of the elderly to engage in risky projects, train travel arrangements, not to spread do not arrange the red eye flight etc.. According to Ctrip also million elderly tourists experience and feedback "Chaogang settings, such as standard old tour guide" should have an emergency ambulance services such as physical skills ", and the provisions of Ctrip Travel leader to first aid certificate. Elderly tourism GB is expected to drive a number of market products. Donkey mother travel CEO Wang Komatsu said, sunset red series tour will be launched on September, to see the old favorite tour with the group tour around, from the data, take a cruise tourists in 60 years old more than 25%. Ctrip data show that domestic travel, outbound travel, the proportion of the elderly group相关的主题文章: