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Cool and Chinese Bao Li plans to set up a joint venture to develop mobile phone screen-incubus


Cool and Chinese Bao Li plans to set up a joint venture to develop mobile phone dual Tencent technology news the evening of September 7th, cool group announced that the plan Holdings Limited in Chinese Baoli Technology (hereinafter referred to as the "Chinese treasure") the establishment of the company, the common development of double screen mobile phone. It is reported that the joint venture will be mainly engaged in research, development, distribution and sales of dual mobile phone business. China will allocate about 60 full-time engineers to the joint venture, while cool will allocate about 200 full-time engineers. Notice that the cool group will hold a 49% stake in the joint venture, China Bao force holding of the joint venture company registered capital of $200 million, cool group will invest $98 million, China invested 102 million yuan treasure force. Previously, China Baoli owns the Russian mobile phone dual Yotaphone exclusive marketing and sales rights in the Greater China region, for a period of seven years. Cool said, with Chinese treasure force cooperation, help expand diversified products into the mobile phone market, dual. Recommendation: life boring boring? Every day, too tired to be hollowed out? The old driver to take you back up again, cool cool new ways to stop, quickly focus on the Tencent WeChat digital Officer (ID:qqdigi) No.相关的主题文章: