Cool autumn, looking for a summer tourist trail – Sohu in the streets of Chiang Mai antik


Cool autumn, looking for a summer tourist trail – Sohu overlooking Chiang Mai city Chiang Mai in the streets of Chiang Mai is a historical and literary intertwined beautiful town. Chiang Mai is the center of the ancient city of Chiang Mai, is surrounded by a square moat, the moat has also retained some of those walls of the ruins. The ancient city of Chiang Mai, the temple of Lanna and modern architecture are intertwined, with some trees, flowers, you seem harmonious. The buildings in the ancient city are not high. The road can be seen everywhere the cafes and bars, or holding a book, bathed in the tropical sun, so stay one afternoon is also a good choice. Or you can spend 50 baht to rent a bike, to feel the wind in the ancient city of taste. Door square moat, my hotel door downstairs square, the people of Chiang Mai fed dove weather seems to always be warm, looking at the "winter night" was maxed out in the circle of friends, I was wearing shorts and short sleeved slippers strolling in the streets of Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai alley, extending in all directions, each lane can bring you some unexpected surprises. Chiang Mai green house has done well in a small courtyard, a few trees idle, this life is fine. Chiang Mai street corner in front of the shop would decorate flowers, see these words suddenly feel the flowers in front of the shop of the ancient city of Chiang Mai Green Great Wall a few branches "apricot" as a tourist city, Chiang Mai tourists in particular, Chinese, West indians. I don’t know if it’s because of the unique charm of the ancient city, we are on the road, everyone is smiling. Meet each other and smile at each other. The ancient city of Chiang Mai in many temples, if separated several steps you will see a temple, visible emphasis on Thai people of faith. The temples are free, you can also scan a Saoting temple with WeChat Chinese introduced oh. Street shop, flower visitors sit in the street bright morning there are people sitting at the bar in Chiang Mai city gave me the feeling is: temple, dove, cat, multi massage. In the street, often see people who are not afraid to hang out there, dove. Are not afraid of people can often see the cat playfully in the shop doorway to and fro. Thailand massage, massage massage is the English transliteration. In Thailand, the Royal massage was used to entertain guests service, local massage shops everywhere. The general price is not expensive, cheap 200 baht to enjoy 1 hours, must have the opportunity to try. The legendary tuk, the transportation in Chiang Mai is generally do not know what to write, just feel particularly beautiful can you believe this is a school in building temples in Chiang Mai Golden Temple in the sun shining on the streets of Chiang Mai, many massage parlors, oh, there will be Chinese rushing double identity a car street in Chiang Mai met a cat, the cat is really a lot of Chiang Mai as if every alley can take you to a surprise destination motorcycle in the Qing dynasty.相关的主题文章: