D-max two drive huge benefit limit orders do not stop selling mmhouse


D-MAX two drive huge benefit limit orders do not stop selling this year, Hebei, Liaoning, Henan and Yunnan four provinces in the first relaxation pickup town policy, to the domestic market with a pickup agent booster. Can be met, the pickup market is gradually warming, to focus on the outbreak. At the same time, because the competition is becoming increasingly fierce, the market will also have a reshuffle effect, that is, the product strength superior performance will be better and better, not the new models, will gradually be eliminated by the market. This year coincides with the Isuzu centenary, on the occasion of the centenary of the Jiangxi Isuzu special launch limited discounts to purchase two Thanksgiving, you can enjoy the D-MAX drive to send million yuan purchase tax concessions in return for consumers has been the support. D-MAX two drive with ultra-high popularity and excellent advantages stand out, set off a high-end Pickup Market in a car buying boom. A luxury pickup car, all over the country with the gradual liberalization of the domestic hot frequent D-MAX pickup pickup sales policy, way up. In the past, the pickup market is relatively small, the market competitiveness of the product is not strong, consumers choose less situation will never return. At this moment, the gold in the light, the stone in the sink. D-MAX as a joint venture high-end pickups, with extremely strong performance, quality assurance, price and other advantages, and then create a wave of sales around the climax. So why is D-MAX so popular? 40 years 7 generations, create the world’s legendary D-MAX pickup since 1972 first generation production began, has gone through 40 years of history, selling all over the world, has become one of the outstanding representatives of the Isuzu pickup models, no doubt in the hundred years of glorious in plays a very important role. In 2014, Jiangxi will introduce China Isuzu D-MAX, according to the habits of the car and the optimization and upgrading of domestic demand of many details of the owner, finally back to the China consumers more powerful D-MAX. The concentrated essence of the hundred years war, D-MAX master of the car circle a popular saying: "Isuzu history is the history of the diesel engine, the diesel engine technology in Isuzu visible on the extraordinary accomplishments. As Jiangxi’s star Isuzu pickup, D-MAX enjoy the highest level of preferential treatment. Equipped with the D- MAX’s 4JK1 2.5L turbocharged diesel engine, integration of the most cutting-edge technology Isuzu engine, such as VGS variable geometry turbocharger technology and Ddi high pressure common rail injection technology, EGR exhaust gas recirculation system, the engine power of D-MAX strong, fuel-efficient, reliable and durable, these are superior to experience D-MAX owners in the days after the car in the process of personal feel. The conscience of material luxury configuration, build high-end pickup benchmarking D-MAX body with non unibody design, the existence of the beam to make the body more stable, higher center of gravity, more rigid. In addition, there are seven horizontal and two vertical closed trapezoidal chassis, disposable stamping body, a large number of vehicles using high strength steel, to further ensure the durability of the body. In the consumer "invisible" place, is the best embodiment of enterprise sincerity..相关的主题文章: