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Dali city government held a forum veteran   Yang Ning hosted and speech – Yunnan Channel – people.com.cn original title: state government committee held cadres forum yesterday, Dali Commission, the state government held a forum veteran, to celebrate the 99 Festival, informed the economic operation of the state, listen to the opinions and suggestions of the working state of old cadres the. Party secretary Yang Ning presided over the meeting, to the state of retired cadres and old friends on behalf of the State Commission, the state government to extend holiday greetings. She pointed out that in recent years, the work of veteran cadres to thoroughly implement the party’s eighteen on the overall requirements to do the work of retired cadres, retired cadres of organization and guidance for building a well-off Dali with wisdom and strength, is the Provincial Bureau of retired cadres for the province to determine the positive energy activities only state-level demonstration sites, representing 16 of the province a city in the old cadre work "double first" commendation. Veteran cadres are precious wealth of the party and the state. We must carefully with love, dedication, with a passion to do the work of veteran cadres, always respect the old cadres in politics, in thought about the old cadres, in life to take care of the old cadres, in the spirit of caring for old cadres, so that the old comrades of life and medical care, learn, teach, for and enjoy. Yang Ning stressed that the "Thirteen five" period, is the history of the development of Dali great opportunities to promote leapfrog development is most concentrated, the most critical period. The Eighth Congress of the state, which has just been concluded, defines the general requirements, goals and major tasks of the work in the next five years. The implementation of the Eighth Party Congress spirit, and successfully completed the next five years of goals and tasks, the need for concerted efforts throughout the state, hard work, but also the old cadres continue to care and support. I hope that all of you will continue to exert political advantages, experience advantages, prestige advantages, add positive energy to the cause of Dali, and make new contributions to building a well-off society in an all-round way in Dali. In order to give full play to the role of the staff, we should make positive suggestions on the key tasks and central tasks of the state. We should further play the role of good ties, and strive to better pass the party’s policies and policies, and better reflect the aspirations and aspirations of the masses. To further play an exemplary role, further to the fine tradition of the party advocates, socialist ideological and moral education of counselors, always be disseminators of the main theme of the times "". Deputy Secretary of state, governor Yang Jian on economic operation from January to September were reported statewide. Since the beginning of the year, the state has pushed forward the project, education industry, steady growth, and the economy has maintained steady development. From January to September, the GDP is expected to be completed 64 billion 700 million yuan, an increase of 8.5%; the investment scale of fixed assets is expected to more than 51 billion yuan, an increase of 15.5%; scale industrial added value is expected to be completed 15 billion 460 million yuan, an increase of 6%; the completion of the general public budget revenue 5 billion 588 million yuan, an increase of 6.6%, spending 25 billion 197 million yuan, an increase of 30.1%; retail sales of consumer goods is expected to be completed 24 billion 170 million yuan, an increase of 12%; per capita disposable income of urban residents is expected to be completed 22880 yuan, an increase of 9.5%, the disposable income of rural residents is expected) 大理州委州政府召开老干部座谈会 杨宁主持并讲话–云南频道–人民网 原标题:州委州政府召开老干部座谈会   昨日,大理州委、州政府召开老干部座谈会,共庆九九重阳节,通报全州经济运行情况,听取老干部对全州工作的意见建议。   州委书记杨宁主持会议,代表州委、州政府向全州离退休老干部和老年朋友致以节日的祝福。她指出,近年来,全州老干部工作深入贯彻落实党的十八大关于全面做好离退休干部工作的要求,组织引导离退休干部为全面建成小康大理贡献智慧和力量,被省委老干部局确定为全省正能量活动唯一一个州级示范点,代表全省16个州市参加全国老干部工作“双先”表彰会。老干部是党和国家的宝贵财富。我们一定要用心用情、尽心尽力,满怀深情地做好老干部工作,始终在政治上尊重老干部,在思想上关心老干部,在生活上照顾老干部,在精神上关怀老干部,让广大老同志老有所养、老有所医、老有所学、老有所教、老有所为、老有所乐。   杨宁强调,“十三五”时期,是大理发展历史上重大机遇最为集中、推动跨越发展最为关键的时期。刚刚闭幕的州第八次党代会明确了今后五年工作的总体要求、奋斗目标和主要任务。落实州第八次党代会精神,顺利完成今后五年的目标任务,需要全州上下齐心协力、苦干实干,也需要广大老干部一如既往地关心与支持。希望大家一如既往地发挥政治优势、经验优势、威望优势,为大理的事业增添正能量,在建设全面小康大理中作出新贡献。要进一步发挥好参谋作用,围绕全州重点工作和中心任务,积极建言献策。要进一步发挥好纽带作用,努力把党的方针政策更好地传递下去,把群众的愿望和诉求更好地反映上来。要进一步发挥好示范作用,进一步当好党的优良传统的宣传员、社会主义思想道德教育的辅导员,始终做时代主旋律的“传播者”。   州委副书记、州长杨健对全州1月至9月经济运行情况进行通报。年初以来,全州上下全力推项目、育产业、稳增长,经济保持平稳发展。1月至9月,全州地区生产总值预计完成647亿元,增长8.5%;规模以上固定资产投资预计完成510亿元,增长15.5%;规模以上工业增加值预计完成154.6亿元,增长6%;一般公共预算收入完成55.88亿元,增长6.6%,支出完成251.97亿元,增长30.1%;社会消费品零售总额预计完成241.7亿元,增长12%;城镇居民人均可支配收入预计完成22880元,增长9.5%,农村居民可支配收入预计完成7395元,增长10.6%。   听取情况通报后,参会老干部先后踊跃发言,大家认为,州委、州政府团结带领各族干部群众克难攻坚、开拓奋进,全州经济社会稳步发展,取得了值得肯定的成绩和经验,交上了一份合格答卷。针对下一步发展,大家从“五网”建设、脱贫攻坚、产业发展、洱海保护、招商引资等方面积极建言献策,提出了具有建设性的意见建议。   州委常委、州委组织部部长袁丽娟,州委常委、州委秘书长靳汝柏,以及州级有关部门负责人参加座谈会。(记者 勾六零) (责编:木胜玉、徐前)相关的主题文章: