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Delivery room in maternal bleeding, her reaction is cruel to be frightened and change color! The most important thing is to find a good husband to marry her daughter, and then gave birth to a lovely baby husband. In this happy journey in one of the most important people can not be ignored is that her mother-in-law, although words but not with her for a lifetime, a good husband is good, do not listen to the words I can find a few husband, mother-in-law is her husband’s mother care, everyone has a mother, most people will listen to my mother this morning I was awakened by the phone mom said, my sister gave birth to my mother rushed to the hospital, far, let me go to her sister, afraid of birth with no family around, feel wronged. I want to have a child all the way on the road grievances, people do not say that a baby will feel happy family happy what? How can injustice? To the hospital when the brother-in-law and brother-in-law mother have been waiting outside the surgery. I saw the surgery waiting families saw the nurse asked to seize a non-stop, also asked the wife also asked her, all on tenterhooks. I have also been tension surgery to the infection, nerve became very nervous, a nurse rushed out, shouting in Li Li’s family? I saw a man and a woman at the same time to nurse, only to hear the woman ran it a boy or a girl, it looks like Li Li the mother-in-law. The nurse said that the maternal placenta previa off early, bleeding occurs in the course of childbirth, is to protect adults or children, the situation needs to sign the crisis. The words just fell, "the child" the mother-in-law even thought, that sentence more than surprised me, next to a lot of people have also started pointing to her, finally saw the man "Li Li’s husband" signed, before signing the man kept his head down, no heard to say what, I think he heard his mother’s words, because the old woman is a pair of hard attitude did not discuss the way, otherwise they will conflict will have a conflict, but no. Signed later, panic run to a man and a woman, did not stand on holding Li Li husband asked, "what about Li Li, baby, I told your dad that you call to catch this" look like Li Li’s parents, looking anxious look to see ask, words have been hovering in the operation of the door, has refused to sit down, probably because of excessive worry! (the picture has nothing to do with this article) I think her mother and mother why so difference, probably at the moment of her relatives did not know her decision, in the operation of Li Li is the edge of life and death, is hard for this family gave birth to a child. If she knew her husband and her mother’s decision, what would be the reaction. I suddenly remembered my mother why I came to the hospital, see mother in fear of what the child is born, the woman big change. Sister gave birth to a baby boy, mother and child safe. The whole family is very happy! On the second day, I saw Li Li’s mother-in-law, I asked the way, your daughter-in-law was born? She said happily, gave birth to a boy, but fat. "Mother and child safe " that mother-in-law seems to feel that I am a bad man, cold to the sentence" peace "fortunately, mother and son flat)相关的主题文章: