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Depth: Durant red crown James Huangceng Baotuan question the victims suffering [collection] 75-120 warriors curry coquettish to clippers Durant no solution three Tencent sports news October 14th Durant joined the warriors the controversy has not stopped, Pearce and Durant Lillard openly ironic embrace a group behavior, and Wade and Durant’s teammate Green to defend KD. Competitive sports, Durant’s choice is right or wrong, after all, depends on the results speak. The American media "bleachers sports" reporter Malinowski wrote that the warriors have Durant, built four giant ho array, but they are faced with the problem of chemical reaction, the first season was formed after the heat of the big three, because the chemical reaction is not in place, although the way to the finals still failed. Durant pushing the red crown of the journey, he just could not Everything is going smoothly., on the road. Warriors need chemical reactions to chemical reactions in the game, something that we can’t capture as an audience. For example, a guard to his teammates to do the cover of the signal, or big and guard eye contact, suggesting that the ball team, he will cut into the area ready to empty the chemical reaction that we often hear "". NBA players are often referred to as "chemical reaction", this thing is a fuzzy concept of love can only be sensed in the basketball field, more specifically is tactical cooperation, as the organizers of the attack of the guard, he will know his teammates run, maybe just a gesture or a look, will be able to complete a successful tactical cooperation. When the chemical reaction between the players to achieve the ideal state, they will be able to attack the opponent can not predict, it is difficult to block. This is the challenge of the warriors in the new season, they are still in the primary stage of the development of chemical reactions, but also more painful period. For the warrior, the sooner you let Durant into it, the sooner they become opponents of nightmares. "Obviously, the fusion of these things, a few games is definitely not enough," said Green, "that you wish to move the ball, hit a passing, we have a lot of good shooters, we can create open shots." Remember the heat? The heat of the big three media and fans will generally the warriors and the 2010-11 season, the Miami Heat were compared, the season is the first year after the formation of the big three of the heat, they run to the finals but lost to the mavericks. New signing James and Bosh for the 2010-11 season, the Miami Heat, they began running in stage experienced pain in the season was 9 wins and 8 losses record barely over 50%. They gradually find the feeling, and a step by step to become a real championship team, but even so, they also failed to debut season in the big three cooperation will achieve chemical reaction champion, they illustrate the team in the field of chemical reaction is still not in place after losing in the finals, James rushed for 2011 crown failure much derided his occupation, career trough. Compared with the year of the heat, the warriors in the obstacles to the players running in some small, their big four Curitiba, Klein – Thompson and Green are already formed Peihemoqi teammates).相关的主题文章: