Disney employees steal two-dimensional code more than 2 thousand and 600 ticket money was 49 yuan-christie stevens


Disney employees steal two-dimensional code more than 2 thousand and 600 tickets money more than 49 yuan for the Disney Park ticketing services provide support and management of the company’s employees Bai Moumou, will use the work stealing Disney park tickets more than 2600 Shanxi two-dimensional code, after the date of sale to people he tampered with a total of more than 1700 pieces, the money was 49 yuan, cause Shanghai Disneyland Disney losses more than 87 yuan. Recently, the suspect Moumou and others have been arrested in Pudong New Area people’s Procuratorate on suspicion of theft, cover up, conceal the crime and other crimes against the arrest. Buy online tickets used by the morning of July 14, 2016, square with friends to Shanghai Disney park to the park, it should be told, before Ali travel Netcom Alipay to buy electronic tickets have been used by others in a few days ago, not park. Disney park staff after the investigation found that this kind of situation has occurred recently, then suspected of the system related to the ticket information stolen and sold to others after being tampered. After the police investigation, according to the website login IP address in the unit will eventually follow it, Bai Moumou arrested, and arrested a number of counterfeit tickets to sell cattle offline sellers. Suspect Moumou, is a 90 university graduates, before the incident in Shanghai, a technology company to work. According to Moumou account, where the company is located in the science and technology company to provide support and management of the Disney Park ticketing services, you can get the relevant records. June 2016, Moumou Moumou met a woman surnamed Ding, Ding gave him a Disney electronic tickets, asked to be able to do. Because of his job title, he wanted to try to do something about the software. The same day, Bai Moumou use loopholes in the system the success of the Disney ticket electronic ticket, ticket altered by tampering with the date, then the germination by using this method, the idea of profit. Bai Moumou by cattle piaofan, using the Internet, WeChat and other information platform, release the sale of Disney ticket information, according to the number of the home needs to change, others have been scheduled and paid Disney electronic ticket date, the electronic ticket orders change after the confirmation number and the ticket sent to the home through the two-dimensional code email mailbox. Disney tickets at the official price of 499 yuan during the summer, the white so that each of the low price of about $280 sold to cattle, cattle and then sell to tourists. Since most of these electronic tickets after the transformation can pass through the network or site security, many cattle ticket tourists unknowingly, buy the so-called discount tickets, cheap tickets and play in the park, until the real ticket master to play, you will find your ticket has been used to the park. Less than a month to 490 thousand yuan profit according to preliminary statistics, from June 27th to July 20th just less than a month, Bai Moumou suspects crazy crime, stealing Disney park tickets ticket more than 2600 pieces of two-dimensional code, after the date of sale to others with a total of more than 1700 pieces, the money was 49 yuan, resulting in loss of 87 Shanghai Disney Park million yuan. Pudong New Area people’s Procuratorate相关的主题文章: